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    Welcome to the rest of the season / deep dynasty profile for Colt's Inside Linebacker Bobby Okereke.

    Inside Linebacker IDP Bobby Okereke

    It's funny that we're having this conversation after a couple of solid years. Even if we have some doubts about the rest of this year's NFL fantasy season, the Colts' Bobby Okereke still has an upside despite the situation. That includes considering the emergence of Colts' off-the-ball linebacker Zaire Franklin and his defensive emergence.

    Also, don't forget Shaquille Leonard is waiting in the wings. He is ready when healthy and will resume his key role in this defensive scheme. Once all three inside linebackers are online at the same time, there are a few indications Okereke could take a backseat in playing time to Franklin and Leonard.

    You see, this feels more like a long-term scenario for Franklin, not Okereke, who could slip a little to a smaller portion in snaps and limit his IDP production for the rest of the 2022 season. This certainly hinged on Shaquille Leonard getting and staying healthy, which we have no doubt will eventually happen.

    Dynasty Profile

    As we mentioned, Bobby Okereke still has a lot of IDP upside when flipping to his dynasty profile. He's a solid player. PFF currently agrees with a positive grade this year, but that's not the case for Zaire Franklin, who's not on par, but just under.

    Our real indication of Okereke's dynasty future is knowing that the Colts likely won't give a big payday to another inside linebacker. He's working on getting a new contract, but it'll be elsewhere. Going the same way as the former Colt, now a Brown, Anthony Walker.

    They don't need another higher-end guy besides their defensive franchise player Leonard in Indianapolis. So as it plays out, we suspect that someone will swoop in and give Bobby a nice contract to run their team's defense. Or perhaps just fill a void or improve a position. A just 26 years of age at the time of this profile, there won't be a lack of bidding for his services.

    Bobby Okereke is a good NFL veteran with great experience running a successful defense. After the 2023 free agency starts, he may actually gain deep dynasty value long-term. Especially knowing most teams won't pay or add a guy to their roster unless they are struggling and need to build for the future.

    Hence, Okereke has a lot to offer an organization. One that'll certainly pay him for his experience and knowledge, which is something we can't get from a rookie. Or perhaps another late-rounder like Zaire Franklin. That's the security of a veteran who's been there, done that. And technically, he is just entering his prime dynasty years, which is a bonus. Plus, he's earned it.

    So as of right now, he's outpriced himself when the Colts started turning to Franklin. Or, for that matter, any other average Joe or rookie that'll play next to Pro Bowler Shaquille Leonard for the foreseeable future. And our IDP return? Wherever Bobby Okereke lands will offer the same or better value with his new 2023 dynasty profile.

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