• Cornerback Tiers: 2 through 5!

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    To win at fantasy, you need to know your stuff. Let's talk about IDP Cornerback Rankings Tiers 2 through 5 to give you an IDP edge!

    Fun fact is that over 50% of the top 100 scoring CBs in 2023 missed at least one game due to injury. You need more than the Top 12 to pick for your roster, and here are those CBs. Especially those who have CB-required leagues. Let's get to the "best of the rest" Cornerback IDP Rankings article!

    Tier 2 - Can make an argument for the Top 12

    Taron Johnson - Buffalo Bills

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    Johnson led all CBs in solo tackles in 2023. He was tied for second in forced fumbles in 2023. Johnson is not a one-year wonder. He was 4th in solo tackles in 2022 and was tied for 13th in solo tackles in 2021 (just 2 solo tackles away from the Top 10). Johnson ended the 2023 season playing 87% of the snaps, and in 10 games, played 92% or more of the snaps. He is just 27 years old and still under contract through next year.

    Cam Taylor-Britt - Cincinnati Bengals

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    Taylor-Britt is just 24 years old and just completed his second year with the Bengals. The second-round pick out of Nebraska has lived up to his draft capital so far. Before sustaining an injured ankle halfway through the Week 11 game, he was averaging five tackles a game. More importantly, he had 11 passes defended and 4 interceptions in those 9 games. Taylor-Britt averaged five tackles a game as a rookie also.

    Paulson Adebo - New Orleans Saints

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    Adebo just completed his third year with the Saints and had his third year of at least 60 tackles. He missed two games last year due to a hamstring injury, and still posted 69 tackles, 17 passes defended, and 4 interceptions. Adebo played 100% of the snaps in 12 of his 15 games played. The other three games were at least 94%. His rookie contract goes through next year.

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