Defensive Tackle Tiers including the 2024 Rookies

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Defensive Tackles are often forgotten when deciding your next IDP Startup or Rookie pick. The top DT had more tackles than the top Defensive End. DTs are not for just the DT-required leagues anymore. Let's talk about our Defensive Tackle tiers!

Defensive Tackle options when drafting your IDP team would never have rookie options in the recent past. Rookies would take 2-3 years to crack the lineup in most cases. Even the great Aaron Donald had six games of 62% or less of the snaps in his rookie season. Chris Jones didn't become relevant until his third year in the league. In fact, half of the top 16 DTs in tackles just completed their fourth or fifth year. Zero of the top 16 DTs in tackles were less than four-year veterans.

The rookies from 2023 that were relevant included the 21st-ranked Kobie Turner and 49th-ranked Jalen Carter. This history is why you will not see any rookie DTs in the higher tiers for 2024. Let's get on to our Defensive Tackle tiers!

Tier 1 DTs

DeForest Buckner-Indianapolis Colts
Buckner is a warrior who has not missed a game in the last three years. He plays over 70% of the defensive snaps and posted 154 tackles over the past two seasons. Buckner also has produced eight sacks in each of his last two seasons. These numbers will put him solidly in the top overall Defensive Line options, regardless of DT, DE, or Edge. He shows no signs of slowing down, even at 30 years of age.

Christian Wilkins-Las Vegas Raiders
Wilkins broke 100 tackles just one season ago in 2022 with the Miami Dolphins. He has a new home this year in Las Vegas, but should still be dominant with Maxx Crosby taking a lot of attention. The 28-year-old posted nine sacks in 2023 which was a career-high.

Derrick Brown-Carolina Panthers

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This DT has been a DT1 for the past two seasons. There is not much in the positive department for the Panthers, but Brown is the exception. At just 26 years of age, he has a lot of very good production left. Brown was the lone 100-tackle performer from 2023 out of all defensive linemen with 103 tackles to his credit.

Quinnen Williams-New York Jets
Williams is a stud and has been one since his second year in the league. He has averaged nearly 56 tackles per season over the last four years. Williams posted 12 sacks in 2022. He has only one game missed over the past two years and plays roughly 70% of the snaps.

Dexter Lawrence-New York Giants

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With 121 combined tackles over the past two years, Lawrence has been a DT1 for two straight seasons. Add in 12 sacks, just 2 games missed over the last 2 years, and 15 games with over 75% of the snaps, and you have a set-and-forget defensive lineman for 2024.

Da'Ron Payne-Washington Commanders
With almost identical stats to Lawrence, Payne has also been a DT1 over each of the past two seasons. He has only missed one game in the past two seasons.

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