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  • Dynasty IDP Rankings Tiers with Offense: 109 to 216

    Let’s take a look at our next tier of dynasty IDP rankings. Read on to learn about players ranked 109 to 216! A couple of weeks ago, my…

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    2024 Safety IDP Rankings Dynasty Tiers

    Get an early look at the 2024 safety IDP dynasty rankings by tiers and find out who is breaking down and who broke out. In an overview, the…

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    2024 Edge-Rusher IDP Rankings Dynasty Tiers

    2023 was a breakout season for the pass rusher position. So gaining the early edge, here’s our dynasty 2024 edge-rusher IDP rankings by tiers. Check it out! A…

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    Top 100 Dynasty IDP Rankings with Offense

    Over the past weeks, our team made top 12 dynasty rankings for each position. Let’s take a look at our combined 2024 dynasty football rankings!   See Each…

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    Top 12 Dynasty Running Back Rankings for 2024

    From rookies to aging stars, let’s take an early look at the top 12 dynasty Running Back Rankings for 2024! Right now it’s a really weird time for…

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    Top 12 Dynasty Quarterback Rankings for 2024

    It’s time to take an early look at the top 12 dynasty Quarterbacks for next season. Read on to see 2024 Dynasty Rankings! NFL games are won or lost…

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    Top 12 Dynasty Cornerbacks for 2024

    It’s never too early to talk about next year! From breakout stars to seasoned veterans, let’s take an early look at the top 12 dynasty Cornerbacks for 2024.…

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    Top 12 Dynasty Edge Rushers for 2024

    Edge Rushers are critical to IDP success. It’s time to take an early look at the top 12 dynasty Edge Rushers for next season! It is crazy to…

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    Top 12 Dynasty Defensive Tackles Rankings for 2024

      It’s time to take an early look at the top 12 dynasty Defensive Tackles for next season. Read on to see these 2024 IDP Rankings! Now that…...

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    Top 12 IDP Dynasty Linebackers to Watch in 2024

    Explore the future of IDP dynasty linebackers in 2024. From breakout stars to seasoned veterans, discover the top 12 performers and their potential impact on IDP fantasy football. Dive into stats, contracts, and insights for a strategic edge.

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    Bison’s Top 10 Dynasty Quarterback Rankings

    These tiered quarterback rankings should give you food for thought when drafting or shaping your dynasty rosters. With the retirement of Tom Brady, it feels like an era…

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    IDP Rookie of the Year Awards

    Defensive rookies made a huge impact this season. Which of IDP’s more prominent names earned a fantasy football award? Each year, rookies are expected to contribute more and…

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    IDP Impact: Cleveland Browns hire Jim Schwartz as defensive coordinator

    The Cleveland Browns fired defensive coordinator Joe Woods and added Jim Schwartz. What should you expect for IDP fantasy football? Cleveland fans rejoiced as the Browns fired 2022…

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    IDP Fantasy Redraft Top 10 Series: Linebacker Edition

    This is the third in a series of articles on my top 10 players at each defensive position in IDP fantasy redraft formats. Welcome to the Linebacker edition.…

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    terry mclaurin

    Washington Commanders 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    From The Football Team to the Commanders, (I still like Football Team better) Washington is surrounded by distractions from its owner, Dan Snyder. With an overall pretty weak…

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    derrick henry ryan tannehill

    Tennessee Titans 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    After a surprising bounce from the playoffs after entering with the first seed bye, the Titans may be in turmoil. They traded away star WR A.J. Brown and…

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    tom brady

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    Will this ACTUALLY be Tom Brady’s final year? Probably not. While he’s still playing, we want pretty much any offensive player that has a shot to get on…

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    dk metcalf d.k. metcalf

    Seattle Seahawks 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    The Seahawks are in full-on rebuild mode after shipping Russell Wilson away to the Denver Broncos via trade. Outside of three to four total players, there aren’t too…

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    nick bosa

    San Francisco 49ers 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    It finally appears to be Trey Lance SZN for the 49ers. How will this affect the rest of the offensive players for fantasy? Only time will tell, it’s…

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    t.j. watt tj watt

    Pittsburgh Steelers 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    Big Ben finally retired and the Steelers promptly signed Mitch Trubisky and drafted Kenny Pickett in the first round. There are question marks surrounding this entire roster (outside…

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    a.j. brown aj brown

    Philadelphia Eagles 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    After a one-and-done playoff appearance in 2022, the Eagles look to play more consistently. QB Jalen Hurts finds himself with an alpha WR in A.J. Brown who was…

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    New York Jets 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    Head Coach Robert Saleh has stocked his offense full of weapons to help QB Zach Wilson to take a large step forward in 2022. If he can, this…

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    saquon barkley

    New York Giants 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    In hiring new head coach Brian Daboll, the New York Giants hope to correct the plethora of mistakes made by their former front office and coaching staff. There…

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    alvin kamara

    New Orleans Saints 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    The Sean Payton era has come to an end one year after Drew Brees retired. New head coach Dennis Allen has been the Saints’ defensive coordinator since 2015.…

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    mac jones

    New England Patriots 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    Life after Tom Brady hasn’t exactly gone as planned for the Patriots. First-round draft pick QB Mac Jones flashed potential in his rookie season. Coach Bill Belichick will…

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    justin jefferson

    Minnesota Vikings 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    This Minnesota Vikings roster is generally top-heavy on both offense and defense for fantasy purposes. New head coach Kevin O’Connell hopes to finally get the Vikings over the…

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    jaylen waddle

    Miami Dolphins 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    The Miami Dolphins had a huge overhaul in both their front office and roster during this off-season. Tyreek Hill joins as the season’s most coveted trade acquisition. Mike…

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    aaron donald

    Los Angeles Rams 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    The Super Bowl champion Rams are back for 2022 and looking to repeat their success. A handful of new names join the roster. Ultimately, health will be critical…

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    justin herbert

    Los Angeles Chargers 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    After a heartbreaking loss and just barely missing the playoffs, the Chargers have lofty expectations for the 2022 season. And fantasy managers have lofty expectations for both offensive…

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    maxx crosby

    Las Vegas Raiders 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    New head coach Josh McDaniels gets his second shot as the man in charge after a failed attempt with Denver Broncos. Trading for superstar wide receiver Davante Adams…

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    patrick mahomes

    Kansas City Chiefs 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    With one of the biggest surprise off-season moves, the Kansas City Chiefs traded away star wide receiver Tyreek Hill. There are a lot of new faces in KC…

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    trevor lawrence travis etienne

    Jacksonville Jaguars 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    The Urban Meyer experiment mercifully ended before the full NFL season finished. Gee, who would have expected that!?? Anyway, Super Bowl-winning coach Doug Pederson takes the helm with…

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    IDP Draft Strategy

    Indianapolis Colts 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    The Carson Wentz experiment ended after just one year. Now, the Indianapolis Colts have traded for Matt Ryan and hope to improve upon a disappointing, yet promising 2021…

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    davis mills

    Houston Texans 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    With Lovie Smith back in the NFL and at the head coaching helm, the Houston Texans are rebuilding. Again. After years of questionable transactions and draft picks, the…

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    aaron rodgers

    Green Bay Packers 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    The Green Bay Packers continue to smite Aaron Rodgers, and yet somehow continue to win. They traded away the best wide receiver in the league, Davante Adams. Then,…

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    aidan hutchinson jameson williams

    Detroit Lions 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    Despite another dumpster season, the Detroit Lions roster is looking optimistic. They are chock full of youth and have some cornerstone players on both sides of the ball.…

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    russell wilson

    Denver Broncos 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    After a lackluster 2021 season, the Denver Broncos have retooled the roster a bit. The splash signing of the offseason brought superstar quarterback Russell Wilson to town. A…

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    IDP Rankings

    Dallas Cowboys 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    Another year of football, and inevitably another year of lofty expectations for the Dallas Cowboys. Heading into 2022, nothing has changed. Despite losing star wide receiver Amari Cooper,…

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    myles garrett

    Cleveland Browns 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    Where to start with the Cleveland Browns. We’ll try to keep it to fantasy football and IDP, but holy moly. This franchise LOL. Despite the number of question…

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    joe burrow

    Cincinnati Bengals 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    The Cincinnati Bengals were a fantasy football and IDP gold mine in 2021. Can they repeat and remain one of the top teams in the NFL? We certainly…

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    every-down linebackers

    Chicago Bears 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    With a new coaching and front office regime, the Chicago Bears are rebuilding again. The attractive fantasy football options are few and far between. However, there are a…

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    Christian McCaffrey

    Carolina Panthers 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    A team in total turmoil and disarray, the Carolina Panthers still have some viable options for fantasy football and IDP. There are a TON of question marks as…

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    josh allen

    Buffalo Bills 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    The Buffalo Bills are among the most talented teams on both sides of the ball. For fantasy purposes, their depth chart is chock full of high-end talent and…

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    lamar jackson

    Baltimore Ravens 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    Are the Ravens back? Many people are asking. A bit of a disappointing season, ravaged by injuries in 2021 for the Ravens. This year, they are primed for…

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    kyle pitts

    Atlanta Falcons 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    The Atlanta Falcons are rebuilding, and it shows in their roster. They are very top-heavy at a couple of positions (TE + WR) and then the cupboard gets…

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    kyler murray

    Arizona Cardinals 2022 Fantasy Football + IDP Depth Chart Dive

    Kyler Murray got PAID. Will he live up to expectations? After a disappointing close to an overall successful 2021 season, let’s take a look at the best fantasy…

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    Jameson Williams

    Garrett Wilson and Jameson Williams: DynastyBison’s “Great” Tier Rookie WR

    Two wide receivers who were once teammates, and are now fellow first-round NFL draft picks, are part of my “great” wide receiver prospect tier. Without diving too far…

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    Jalen Pitre

    NFL Draft Rookies That Can Rescue Your Dynasty Team

    The draft is over and there were a number of rookies who landed in a less-than-ideal offensive situation. How many can come in and be impactful for fantasy…

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    2022 Free Agency TEs Dynasty

    Five Common Mistakes to Avoid in Dynasty Fantasy Football

    Defending your redraft title is one thing. Repeating in your dynasty league is another. Here are five common dynasty fantasy football mistakes to watch out for. The Los…

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    Malik Willis

    Superflex Rookie Mock – March 2022

    The NFL combine is now in the books, and we are firmly into rookie mania! With evaluations in full swing let’s analyze a current Superflex rookie mock and…

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    Calvin Ridley

    Fantasy Impact of Calvin Ridley’s suspension on the Atlanta Falcons

    Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley was been suspended for at least the 2022-23 NFL Season after betting on NFL games in 2021. NFL Network’s James Palmer was…

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    Buy, Sell, or Keep – Four Dynasty Wide Receivers for 2022

    The offseason fantasy football dynasty leagues is a time to decide where you stand on current players. Let’s take a look at four Buy, Sell, or Keep wide…

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    Buy Jaylen Waddle in dynasty before it is too late

    The Miami Dolphins are expected to go through major changes this offseason that could push Jaylen Waddle into WR1 territory. His dynasty value may be the lowest it…

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    Dynasty Construction: Identifying Cornerstone Players

    Even with wooden blocks early on in life, we learn building big begins with a sturdy base. A dynasty roster is no different, building around cornerstone players is…

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    Dynasty Values Of Second Contract RBs

    Breaking up with Aaron Jones? Making up with Christian McCaffrey? Fantasy football can be heartbreaking. So can second contract RBs — unless you find the right match. Being…

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    All Aboard The Elijah Moore Train

    The Elijah Moore train officially left the station in mid-2021. This IR trip provides an off-season buy window before reaching his final destination: Stardom City. Prior to the…

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    Derrick Henry: Don’t be Afraid in Dynasty

    Embed from Getty Images For two years now, everyone has told you to sell Derrick Henry. Don’t sell Derrick Henry. Titans running back Derrick Henry has been a…

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    DT Premium: Who is the next big BIG thing?

    Are you in a Defensive Tackle (DT) premium IDP dynasty league? Whether you already have an elite player at the position or are looking to get in on…

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    Dynasty Stash- Brevin Jordan and Kylen Granson

    One of the toughest parts of building a dynasty roster is to not only find, but succeed in stashing future talent. Brevin Jordan and Kylen Granson are two…

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    Dynasty Stash – Javian Hawkins and Chris Evans

    One of the toughest parts of building a dynasty roster is to not only find, but have success in stashing future talent. Javian Hawkins and Chris Evans are…

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    Justin Jefferson Should Be Your Dynasty WR1

      As the 2021 NFL season approaches, ADPs churn out of the fantasy football machine, and you prepare for your drafts, there is one claim I would like…

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    The Art of Fantasy Football Trades

    The Draft is the second most important aspect of dominating your fantasy football league. The first? Making trades. Before you all gather your pitchforks and torches because you…

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    Dynasty Stash – Ihmir Smith-Marsette and Anthony Schwartz

    Marsette will go into Vikings training camp with a shot to win the WR3 position right away. We all know the Vikings have a dynamic duo in Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen, but they are lacking a consistent WR3 and return man.

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    idp linebackers

    How to Win Your Dynasty Superflex Startup Draft

    If you want to win your dynasty league, then you have to nail the startup process. With our guidance, you’ll be prepared to win your next superflex dynasty…

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    Fantasy Football Dynasty Leagues Should Use Best Ball Scoring

    Dynasty leagues should all use bestball scoring. It is a simple concept. The optimal lineups are set for you after games have been completed. Inserted into your starting…

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    Fantasy Football IDP Guys MFL Last Minute Top Adds

    Last Minute MFL IDP Adds Ahead of Week 1, 2019 I’m in three dynasty leagues and the last two weeks of August are spent doing a two-round draft,…

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    IDP Guys IDP Dynasty Mock Draft Round One

    Let’s go through a mock draft with the writing staff of the IDP Guys, as well as a couple of guests. As a fun exercise, a bunch of…

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    Josh Allen: A High Upside Pass Rusher in The 2019 NFL Draft

    Josh Allen, EDGE prospect from Kentucky, may have the highest upside of any pass rusher that is not named Nick Bosa in this upcoming 2019 NFL Draft Josh…

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    Week 14 Offensive and IDP Waivers ft @HBogart27

    Opening Question: Who Ya Got?  7:05 News & Notes 18:08 Gut Check 23:26 Interview With Gary Van Dyke 57:13 Offensive Waiver Roundup 1:04:48 IDP Waiver Wire 1:08:25 Week…

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    Offensive Buy Low Candidates For Startup Drafts

    A few players you can acquire cheap this draft season The time is finally upon us. The first two weeks of preseason games are in the books and…

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    Beginner’s Guide To IDP Settings

     Read up on how to make your IDP league the best it can be. These settings are ideal for keeping the players’ value more balanced and keep the…

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    Introduction To Dynasty ft. @TylerGheeNFL

    [podbean resource=”episode=rw7nb-8dfb32″ type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”104″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”1″ rtl=”0″] 1:20 Voicemail from @ThiccNeckPoz 3:13 News & Notes 9:27 Gut Check 25:15 Dynasty Intro ft. @TylerGheeNFL 55:16…

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