Dynasty Tiers: 2024 Defensive Tackle (DT) IDP Rankings

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In Dynasty IDP (Individual Defensive Player) fantasy football, the battle in the trenches takes on a unique significance. As we embark on the quest to unveil the top Defensive Tackles (DTs) for the discerning dynasty manager, the landscape reveals itself in three distinct dynasty tiers. Join us as we delve into the rankings, where the mightiest among DTs stand ready to fortify your fantasy kingdom for seasons to come!

In most dynasty IDP leagues, DT is an afterthought position. Especially if you play on Sleeper where the only roster requirements include a defensive line player; if you started four DL positions, DTs might make up 1 or 2 if you're light at edge rusher. However, if you are in an MFL dynasty IDP league, you usually need to roster and start DTs independently.

Let's look at one of the more unheralded dynasty IDP positions!

2024 Defensive Tackle (DT) IDP Rankings Dynasty Tiers

I have extracted my dynasty DT rankings and assigned 3 tier levels to the top 36 or so players. If you are rostering 36+ DTs in total in a dynasty IDP league, you are in pretty deep. Most people will only want/need to pay attention to tier 1 and slightly into tier 2 but some potential gems are sitting in tier 3.

Tier 1 DTs 2024 Dynasty IDP

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1. Jeffery Simmons - Tennessee Titans

Jeffery Simmons has been a "sleeper" fantasy DT for dynasty IDP leagues for years. In his third-year campaign in 2021, the "breakout" happened and it was supposed to be wheels up. However, one fewer sack, 18 fewer solo tackles, and 17 more assisted tackles left managers wanting more in 2022. Through 12 games, 2023 showed plenty of promise to be Simmons's best IDP fantasy season to date. However, early in Week 13, he was lost for the season.

The talent is there. If the bar is Aaron Donald, then Simmons is easily one of the top candidates who could hit the bar based on talent alone. Additionally, he is entering his prime. At only 26.5 years old and signed to a hefty contract through 2027, we may have only scratched the surface of Simmons's dynasty IDP league value.

2. DeForest Buckner - Indianapolis Colts

A DT stalwart who often falls in drafts due to dynasty IDP managers always looking for the next big breakout star. Instead, DeForest Buckner offers year-over-year consistency and health. Despite his advanced age (in football years), I would rather have Buckner over anyone else besides Simmons right now. They would be lumped together in Tier 1A if there were more designations.

Buckner has one more guaranteed year with the Colts, who would be foolish to let him leave, so I am excited for his continued production no matter where it might be after the next season concludes.

3. Kobie Turner - Los Angeles Rams

Yes, I very much liked what I saw from Turner in his rookie season. The heir-apparent to Aaron Donald, Kobie Turner finished the second half of the season (as many rookies do) on FIRE! The first half was a slow burn, no doubt. But once Turner ignited in Week 9, he only had three letdown weeks after. Despite the slow start, he still finished as a top-10 PFF-graded pass rusher for interior linemen on the season.

That reeks of upside. This might be an aggressive ranking but with Aaron Donald likely moving on sooner than later, Turner is primed for dynasty IDP greatness. Turner starts the 1B tier of this group.

4. Christian Wilkins - Miami Dolphins

Do you want to talk about consistency similar to the likes of Deforest Buckner? Then let's talk about the slightly younger version of Buckner, Christian Wilkins. Wilkins is probably older than you think. He just turned 28 and is from the same 2019 draft class as Jeffery Simmons who turns 27 this summer in July.

Where Wilkins excels with his consistency is in tackles. Both solos and assists took a dip this year but Wilkins still netted 65 total tackles which is elite for interior linemen. Where he has been more inconsistent, but improving almost each year, is sacks. This year he bolstered his dynasty IDP value with a career-high 9 sacks! Is it a coincidence that this happened in a contract year? Who's to say?!! Still, impressive and encouraging for the future nonetheless. If he can live in that 60-80 total tackles and 6-7-8 sacks range, that is well worth a top-4 ranking in dynasty tiers articles.

5. Quinnen Williams - New York Jets

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