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    With Fantasy Football becoming more and more competitive, we need to find tools that will set us above the competition. All players have access to incredible information, but the best use that information. It gets even more challenging when you add in IDP. I have your answer: IDPPlus.com or IDP.Plus that will set you above your league mates. IDP+ tools are here to help you win those championships!

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    1-Weekly Fantasy Finishes

    This is a tool that gives you the ranking for any particular week during the season. There are options in the tool that you will want to take advantage of. The first option would be to select whether you want to look at offensive or defensive players. Then you have four different drop-downs to filter the results according to the information or trends you are looking for.

    The first drop-down is the season. Do you want to look at 2023 or 2022? The next drop-down is to select which scoring system you are in. The choices are Tackle Premium, Big Play Premium, or Balanced O&D (Offense and Defense). The next drop-down would be what NFL team are you looking at. This would be important if you are trying to select the best LB off of a particular team. The final drop-down is position. You can see the players' weekly rank by position or you can see the rank overall in IDP.

    This tool is important because you can see trends and react accordingly. If you are deciding between two players of two different positions, select the Overall in the Position drop-down menu to see which player you should insert into the IDP flex slot. There is nothing better than seeing a player's trend of top-10 scoring when your opponent just looks at season-to-date points.

    2-Snap Counts by Team

    This tool is probably the most used tool on our site. It is really important to know if your player is playing the majority of snaps. It is a very easy tool to use as there is a Team drop-down menu along with a Season drop-down menu. Select the team your player is on and then select the season you want to look at, 2020-2023.

    Once you have the team and season selected, just scroll down to look at what position group your player is in. Realize that different sites have players listed in different positions. Our Snap Count tool will only have a player listed in one position. If you are looking for a linebacker, they might be listed under Inside Linebacker, Outside Linebacker, or Defensive End. You can see the player's snap counts by game or for the season. It will list the number of snaps and the percentage of snaps that were possible for the position.

    3-Historical Stats

    You can use this tool to see all statistics from each player of fantasy football relevance, whether offense or defense. There are multiple filtering options to get the information you might be looking for, whether it is rushing yards or tackles.

    The tool can be sorted by Team, Player, or Position. The statistics are very wide-ranging with every scoring category represented in the multiple columns. There are IDP, Passing, and Offensive Data pages to get info from. And you can go all the way back to 2020 to see trends.

    4-Team Fantasy Points Allowed by Position

    You would use this IDP+ tool when you are deciding which of two players you should start. First, you will select whether you are looking for offensive or defensive statistics. Then, you will select which season you want the information from. Do you want the information from one select week or the entire season? Finally, select the scoring system your league uses.

    If you are having a tough time deciding between two different linebackers, you can use this tool to see how their opponents fare against the linebacker position. When looking at the tool, you can easily see that the Cleveland Browns gave up the most points to opposing LBs. The Los Angeles Rams gave up the least points to opposing LBs. If the two LBs you were deciding between play these two teams, you can make a very easy decision as to which player to start.

    5-Injury Tracker

    This tool is broken out by team, position, player, status, and injury. You can follow this during the week and then finalize your starting lineup based on the Friday and Saturday statuses of players. This tool can also help you manage your individual injured reserve section of your roster.


    Do you need Dynasty Rankings for an upcoming Dispersal Draft? Maybe you want to look at values for a trade proposal. IDP+ has all the different rankings sheets that could possibly be needed.

    The first thing you will do is decide if you want Dynasty, Redraft, or Weekly rankings. Then you will decide whether you want total offense, total IDP, combined offense, and IDP, Superflex, or Rookie. You will then decide on positional categories. IDP+ also has the ADP for each of the mentioned categories.


    Do you have questions, comments, or ideas for how IDP+ can be better? Do you have a lineup question? Would you like to participate in the IDP+ Invitational to support Autism? Maybe you want to find a league, get info about the Scott Fish Bowl, get links to articles or videos on the site, or just talk about rookies. Discord has a number of participants who can help at all hours of the day.

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