• IDP Breakout Candidates: Marquise Blair

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    Last season, Marquise Blair looked like the second round pick the Seahawks hoped he would be. Let's tackle a few reasons why he has the potential to be an IDP breakout candidate in 2020!

    Marquise Blair's 2019 Statistics: 24 Solo, 8 Ast, 2 FF, and 1 PD

    Blair was the 15th pick in the second round of the 2019 draft. He played his college career at Utah. Some would say he had a quiet rookie season, but I beg to differ. Seattle seems to be searching for a safety that makes fans of the game reminisce about the legion of boom. I believe they may have found it in Blair. Marquise is the right size for an NFL safety. He's 6'1 and about 200 lbs. He's not afraid to lower the shoulder and lay out any member of the opposing team. Blair is looking to carve out a larger role for himself in his second season. Rumor has it that the Seahawks may look to play more nickel packages in 2020. This gives Blair the chance to become a fantasy football IDP breakout candidate.

    It's never easy to plan for our teams during the offseason. We're always looking for the next guy that's going to breakout and consistently bring production to our fantasy football teams. IDP breakout candidates seem even harder to find. You have players that produce year in and year out for their teams. But, every now and then, another stud starts to shine. Which naturally will bring attention to that player. Luckily for Blair, Seattle had a plethora of injuries in their secondary. This gave Blair the chance to showcase his abilities to his team and opposing offenses. He only started three games for Seattle. In those 3 games, he showed why he could be an every week starter.

    Before the trade deadline, Seattle made a trade with the Detroit Lions to acquire Quandre Diggs. Who, in his own right, is a very fine safety. Diggs was hampered by injuries most of the season though. He only played 5 games for the Seahawks in 2019. Seattle's defensive scheme hinders Diggs' IDP value. It is likely that he retains his starter spot. Also ahead of Blair on the depth chart is Bradley McDougald. McDougald just might be one of the top cover safeties in the NFL.  Only three players had a higher coverage success rate than him in 2019.  He also only allowed a passer rating of 54.4. Both of these guys may not be every week starters, but they know how to play the safety position pretty well.

    So, where does that leave Marquise Blair? Pete Carroll has expressed interest in finding a role for Blair to make sure he sees the field more often. One position he brought up was playing him at the nickel position. Carroll seems to be a big fan of Blair's talents. Which he did flash at times in 2019. He forced a fumble on the goal line against the Atlanta Falcons to help preserve a win October. He has a reputation for being a big hitter, as you can see in the video above. He only played about 238 defensive snaps last season. In the games that he saw the most production, he was a consistent tackler. He also showed his big play abilities.

    In a nickel package, Blair will have the chances to contribute to the Seahawks and to your fantasy football team. He can cover the speedy tight ends and bigger receivers when they move into the slot. It's also a possibility that Blair beats out McDougald for the starting strong safety job. McDougald has struggled with durability during his career. The 29-year old is not getting any younger. He's still under contract, which may play a role in the final decisions of who will play where. I believe that once camps start and the coaches get to see the players on the field, that a decision will be reached. Blair seems to have limitless possibilities for the upcoming season.

    Blair will have a few obstacles on his way to becoming an IDP breakout candidate. Diggs and McDougald are still ahead of him on the depth chart.  Blair has proven that when he's on the field that he won't let anything stand in his way. That is the way he will force the coaches to put him on the field. His talents are too great to pass up. His current consensus dynasty ranking is 538. That means he's relatively going unnoticed in some leagues. Luckily for you all, this will give you a chance to grab him before the season starts. Blair just might be the best IDP value when it comes to defensive backs in Seattle. Add some depth to your team with a guy who has the potential to be an IDP breakout candidate!

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