• Johny The Greek’s Cornerbacks Corner Week Three (3)

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    Our new messiah perhaps?

    Welcome to Johny the Greek's Cornerbacks Corner Week Three. Last week we streamed corner and did it well. I recommended precisely 65 different corner streams from 15 different week two matchups and the majority of them worked out extremely well. We sit at 70% accuracy for the season, 64% for last week based on those calls last week matching or beating their projections (Yahoo) and will continue to track accuracy all season long just like last year. Transparency is something we take seriously here at IDPGuys.

    If you’re new to this article series the idea behind it is that in the IDP world cornerbacks are the red headed step child, often neglected or scoffed at. Not here. We love streaming corners and have for some time now, it's a key component of playing big boy IDP. This is not an article for the Sleeper IDP players of the world, the "DB" people, baby IDP if you will, although in deep enough leagues a CB stream at DB is still a decent option. This is more for your true degenerate, CB and DT required, a few points a week is going to make a difference, type of player. And while I do enjoy my Sleeper leagues and those kinds of leagues as well (variety is the spice of life), the vast majority of what I play in these days is those advanced, individual position, best possible competition, need every edge you can get type leagues. That's the audience here. If that's not you or you're not a fan of my approach the exit button is top right on PC, it looks like an X, close window on mobile.

    I've been doing this long enough that I have my audience, I know my readers, we talk in and out of the season and I live a perfectly happy and fulfilling life beyond fantasy football, this is just a hobby for me and I am so far from interested in arguing about any of this that if that stuff were a star it would take the light from that star billions of years to reach me, save yourself the time on Twitter I'll just block and move on. Apologies to those of you that don't need this disclaimer but this is the world we live in these days, just making things clear up front. 

    We’re going to be looking at things like expected game script, opposing offensive tendencies, snap counts, teams that are more or less likely to target wide receivers and historical production to inform our weekly decisions on what corners are an “ideal” streaming option. By giving this entire thing more than two seconds thought we will have a distinct advantage over our opponents who are not doing this over the course of the season. We are going to put ourselves in the best position possible every week to score the most IDP points humanly possible from our cornerback slots. 

    Just a little background, I’ve been playing IDP for 18 years now and streaming corners for well over a decade of that time. In that time I have won clear of 25 titles in both redraft and dynasty traditional IDP leagues and many many more in best ball, DFS and college fantasy football. I am a true degenerate. Add an additional 50 plus second and third place finishes also in traditional IDP leagues, most of them with money prizes attached, and you'll start to envision how deep my degenerate tendencies go. I am absolutely NOT an analyst, I'm just a guy who loves playing IDP fantasy football and has been pretty decent at it for a long time. 

    Personally I like to stream not only whatever the current week is but if my bench is big enough I’ll load up two more ideal streamers for the following week and by doing so I’ve already taken my pick of the litter a week before anyone else also streaming is even thinking about their corners for that week. Corner is a naturally spotty position but by looking at all the factors I listed above we will have better outcomes than the majority of IDP owners who simply put in a “known” corner with a big name (Richard Sherman for example) into their corner slots and ride out the production whether or not that matchup makes sense each week. Richard Sherman against last years Falcons or Chiefs makes sense, Richard Sherman against last years Jets or Patriots does not. 

    It looks like we’ll have some pretty solid matchups this week and we’ll continue to target those for our ideal matchups but in today’s NFL, where passing is the name of the game, I’m sure we’ll find solid streaming options in just about every matchup so even those of us in the deepest of leagues have some options. I always give last weeks results as well as an overall season long accuracy because it’s important to be honest and up front with stuff like this, if I’m in a slump and making bad decisions you’ll know it and can decide if you want to follow these streaming suggestions or not. 

    Last week I made 65 recommendations, of those 8 were declared inactive or injured during play, 37 were correct (met or exceeded projection) and 20 were incorrect (below projection). We don’t count acts of God here (injuries) and I specifically ask people to check for inactives before each game so discounting those I was 64% correct last week, 70% accurate for the season overall. Of those 37 correct calls last week 13 of them were “massive hits” (doubled or tripled projection) for a 35% massive hit rate.

    Week 1 Accuracy: 75% Week 1 Massive Hit: 25%

    Week 2 Accuracy: 64% Week 2 Massive Hit: 35%

    Disclaimer Time! I’m not going to get all of these correct. Cornerback especially is a wildly inconsistent position for production in IDP fantasy football. That’s why most people hate it with a passion. My whole thing is to put yourself in the best position to succeed by looking at all the variables and making the absolute best streaming call possible. After that you pray. Your team is your responsibility and yours alone, you set the lineup not me. 

    Take ownership if things go south, these are only suggestions. I will do my absolute best to make sure that these recommendations are the best possible and will base these on factual information and statistics from places like NFLGsis.com, PFF and other fantasy and NFL data and statistics sites. I will also use the force, sometimes a gut feeling is all I have to go on in an unknown situation but if it comes down to that just know this isn’t my first rodeo. 

    I don’t work for the NFL, I don’t get to sit in on defensive team meetings for all 32 teams, I don’t get inside information. If a player has been producing all season and has been playing a ton of snaps and they get yanked right before a game obviously I had nothing to do with it and since I don’t work for said team no one told me. (See Vernon Hargreaves 2019). If someone goes down with an ACL it’s not because I made a voodoo doll of them and stuck it with pins. These decisions are the same ones I’m making for my teams so if things go bad for you they go bad for me as well. I’m just here to help, don’t kill the messenger.

    Article Key:

    Outlook: This will be a brief overview of the two offenses and how that will effect the outlook for each teams cornerbacks corps. We’ll look at offensive ranks for passing, expected game scripts, time of possession, competency of the quarterbacks and their WR corps and this will help us guess how the game should go. This will help us identify if this is a matchup we want to target for streaming corners or not. Also after last season's issues with weather causing problems with passing in some games we'll try and look at that as well (Raiders/Browns 2020 ring a bell?). First we identify the matchups we want to stream from then we identify the best options in those matchups.

    Ideal Matchup: This is the best possible matchup for this teams cornerbacks, streaming corners from this team, especially guys that are talented and play all the snaps gives you the best chances at excellent production from those corners.

    Solid Matchup: This isn’t a perfect matchup to stream corner but it’s still pretty good, if you’re in a deeper league and have fewer options to stream from this matchup is still a better option than most.

    Avoid: This matchup will likely be terrible to stream corner from, due to anything from a god awful opposing quarterback who can’t complete passes to a banged up wide receiver corps or even a run first offense like the 2019 Ravens were there’s something that makes this a bad matchup to stream corners from, avoid if possible. However there may be specific corners who get a “solid” in an otherwise “avoid” matchup simply due to their talent and ability to make plays in all aspects of the defense (see Marlon Humphrey, he always starts, doesn't matter who's in town).


    Perfect Stream: This is one of the best matchups this week. I will be streaming from these matchups in my own leagues almost exclusively.




    Poop stream: This is one of the worst matchups this week. I will very likely have zero corners from this matchup streaming anywhere.





    ***There will be games where I don't recommend streaming from one team or another but still have someone listed as solid despite that, in those situations it's talent over matchup. Tre'Davious White (CB) might be up against the leagues worst passing attack but at the end of the day he's still Tre'Davious White (CB) so I'd start him if I didn't have any better options***

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    Like father like son

    Chargers @ Chiefs


    Outlook: The 4th and 2nd ranked passing attacks this season square off outside in Kansas City while it's still nice out and weather isn't a factor. The Chargers pass defense is good on paper but this is Mahomes at home so I'm less than concerned plus they're banged up at corner and Joey Bosa is always questionable, the Chiefs pass defense is middle of the pack mediocre at best so no worries there either. The Chargers target their wide receivers 4th most of any team this season so the Chiefs corner options look great, the Chiefs are middle of the pack for that stat but there will be so much offense here I'm not super concerned about that either. With an over/under of 55.5 this is expected to be a shootout to end all shootouts, I love this matchup it's my favorite this week by a good margin. This is the way.

    Los Angeles Chargers

    Chris Harris Jr (CB) Solid

    Michael Davis (CB) Solid

    Asante Samuel Jr (CB) Solid/Ideal

    Kansas City Chiefs

    L'Jarius Sneed (CB) Solid/Ideal

    Chavarious Ward (CB) Solid

    Mike Hughes (CB) Avoid

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    Shaq Griffin has a delicious week 3 matchup with Kyler & company in town

    Cardinals @ Jaguars

    Outlook: The 3rd ranked Cardinals passing attack will obliterate the Jags this week, who are towards the end of the pack for their own passing offense ranking this season. And while the Jags pass defense is swiss cheese and way at the end of pack for this season the Cardinals rank 8th in pass defense to start the season making a bad Jags pass attack look even worse this week. Both teams are in the top ten in targeting their wide receivers so that's a plus and with an over/under of 52 this is expected to be a shootout as well, my only concern is that the Jags don't get that garbage time production we'll need to keep the Cardinals corner options relevant this week. Regardless there should be plenty of points and passing here and the Jags will likely have to completely abandon their run game early into this one so I like the options on both sides here, I like the Jags options a little more but this makes a nice overall matchup to stream from.

    Arizona Cardinals

    Byron Murphy (CB) Solid

    Robert Alford (CB) Avoid (Playing time)

    Antonio Hamilton (CB) Avoid (Playing time)

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Shaq Griffin (CB) Solid/Ideal

    Tyson Campbell (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    CJ Henderson (CB) Avoid (Injury, playing time)

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    Jaylon Johnson has a chance to be great against a potent Cleveland offense

    Bears @ Browns

    Outlook: God awful and middle of the pack respectively passing attacks with issues for both coming into this week, for Chicago it's trusting a rookie quarterback with the keys and for the Browns it's losing Jarvis Landry (WR) to the short term IR and a coin flip on whether or not Big Dump Premium number two overall pick O'Dell Beckham Jr (WR) plays this week with his own injury concerns. This feels like a defensive struggle and a ground and pound affair and Vegas agrees with a 46.5 over/under which is on the lower end this week so far, plus the majority of those points will likely end up in the Browns box score if we're being honest. We don't need to look at wide receiver targets here for Chicago because we have an entirely new quarterback at the helm and for the Browns their normal wide receivers that they target aren't available (Landry) or are iffy (Beckham) this week. We could probably start the guys who play enough here in deeper leagues where there are fewer options to stream from but in general I'm avoiding this one, there are better places to stream from this week.

    Chicago Bears

    Kindle Vildor (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Jaylon Johnson (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Duke Shelley (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Cleveland Browns

    Greg Newsome (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Denzel Ward (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Troy Hill (CB) Avoid (Playing time)

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    Fresh off a monster Thursday night performance Kendall Fuller has a beautiful matchup this week

    Football Team @ Bills

    Outlook: With the small sample size we have currently both of these offenses are listed as back of the pack for passing offense, we know that isn't true for the Bills but we also know that the Washington pass defense is fully capable of slowing them down this week as well. Taylor Heineke (QB) has shown us he can sling it for Washington but the Bills pass defense is legit, second in the league currently so we may only get one half of a good matchup here. The Bills target their wide receivers the most of any team in the league this season so that makes that one half of this good matchup look even better, Washington middle of the pack so we can disregard going the other way. With a 46.5 over/under this is a lower scoring affair, about 23 points apiece in today's modern NFL, this isn't 1972, so that is a lower scoring game overall. And most of us think the Bills will score most of those 46.5 points if we're being honest. I think we fire up our Washington options here and feel pretty good about it, as for the reverse the Bills corners do all play plenty but the Washington passing attack likely won't have enough firepower to get all three of those guys what we need out of them this week. Also keep an eye on Levi Wallace (CB) if you're in a much deeper league and have to start him this week, he missed a decent chunk of the game last week due to cramping.

    Washington Football Team

    William Jackson (CB) Solid

    Kendall Fuller (CB) Solid/Ideal

    Benjamin St. Juste (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Bobby McCain (S/CB) Avoid (Playing time)

    Buffalo Bills

    Tre'Davious White (CB) Avoid (Will play every snap though)

    Taron Johnson (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Levi Wallace (CB) Avoid (Will play every snap though)

    All three of these corners have played every snap so far this season except Wallace missed some time for cramping in week two but without injury it is expected all three will be on the field the entire game for this defense. I'm sure one or two of these guys will have a nice game, lord knows I've seen that weekly since last season, I just have no idea who it will be. Remove the risk and look elsewhere, above is my best guess though.

    Lieutenant Wentz where are your ankles???

    Colts @ Titans

    Outlook: This one is entirely dependent on whether or not Wentz plays, if it's a backup quarterback then we just go with our Colts options and sit the rest, if he is good to go we can fire up the solid options in Tennessee. We don't need to overthink this one, it's division and will be competitive and back and forth, but only if Wentz can go. Middle of the pack for both teams passing offense and defense, same for wide receiver targets, the 48.5 over under is closer to a shootout but once again that's dependent on Wentz going, if he doesn't it may still end up around 48.5 but the final score will be Tennessee with 40 or those 48.5 points. One half of a good matchup with no Wentz, solid matchup both sides with Wentz. We shall see. My calls below are assuming Wentz plays.

    Indianapolis Colts

    Kenny Moore (CB) Ideal

    Rock Ya Sin (CB) Solid

    TJ Carrie (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Tennessee Titans

    Janoris Jenkins (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Kristian Fulton (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Chris Jackson (CB) Avoid (Injury, playing time)

    Anyone else (CB) Avoid (Playing time)

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    With both cornerback corps here massacred by the injury grim reaper we may wish to avoid this one

    Saints @ Patriots


    Outlook: The Saints passing attack is bipolar and even when it did well week one they just had a bunch of touchdowns and no yards or completions, the Patriots passing attack is led by a hesitant rookie who is terrified of making a mistake because he's coached by Bill. I'm avoiding this one like the plague, the defenses will shine in this one and the run game as well. I'm passing completely beyond Adebo and Jackson in much deeper leagues simply due to their playing time and availability is the best ability, other than that I'm good here. Poopy stream.

    New Orleans Saints

    Marshon Lattimore (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only, if healthy)

    Paulson Adebo (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Bradley Roby (CB) Avoid

    Desmond Trufant (CB) Avoid

    PJ Williams (CB) Avoid

    New England Patriots

    Jalen Mills (CB) Avoid

    JC Jackson (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Jonathan Jones (CB) Avoid

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    James Bradberry and company have a nice matchup on paper this week

    Falcons @ Giants

    Outlook: The Falcons had a potent passing attack last season and we saw flashes of that again last week against Tampa Bay, their pass defense is one of the worst in the league overall and the Giants have shown some ability to complete passes this season with Jones and company. And while the Giants pass defense was supposed to be legit this season with that upgraded secondary it has yet to deliver on that promise, Vegas has points being score here, 48.5 over under one of the higher totals so far and surprisingly the Giants are in the top ten for targeting wide receiver this season so that's nice. The Falcons are not but then again with the Eagles and Bucs the in weeks one and two they've had two real tough defenses right away, the Giants will give them some room to operate. Lots of factors here pointing at a decent stream overall, not perfect but solid. Fire up the studs are feel alright about it.

    Atlanta Falcons

    AJ Terrell (CB) Solid

    Fabian Moreau (CB) Solid

    Isaiah Oliver (CB) Avoid

    New York Giants

    Logan Ryan (CB) Solid/Ideal

    James Bradberry (CB) Solid/Ideal

    Adoree Jackson (CB) Solid

    Darnay Holmes (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

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    The Steelers corners will have their hands full with the Bengals passing attack in town

    Bengals @ Steelers

    Outlook: Neither passing attack is ranked where it should be with the amount of talent here at wide receiver for each team and the guys throwing the rock but that's where we are, the injuries are a concern here too. Big Ben is hobbled and same with Diontae Johnson (WR), however the Steelers defense is all kinds of banged up as well so I feel much better about the Bengals chances overall to produce some passing offense this week compared to a normal week against the Steelers defense. Both teams rank really well in wide receiver targets so that's a plus but Vegas has this as a lower scoring affair with an over/under of 44.5, I don't think we get that kind of defensive struggle. I like starting the studs here and the guys that play enough. I feel like, as long as Ben plays, hopefully Dionate too, we could have some nice corner production with all the stars involved with this one. Nice matchup overall, not perfect though due to injuries and a possible defensive struggle.

    Cincinnati Bengals

    Chidobe Awuzie (CB) Solid

    Eli Apple (CB) Solid

    Mike Hilton (CB) Solid

    Pittsburgh Steelers

    Joe Haden (CB) Solid

    Cameron Sutton (CB) Solid

    James Pierre (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

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    Will Humphrey and Averett be able to produce with the dumpster fire Lions passing attack in town this week?

    Ravens @ Lions

    Outlook: The Lions have actually started the season pretty hot with their passing attack despite a lack of real weapons at wide receiver, they sit just outside the top ten in passing offense currently so we can fire up Humphrey and Averett pretty comfortably in this one, besides they'll likely get behind immediately and have to pass early and often to try and keep up. That's it for me though. The middle of the pack Ravens passing attack that really only utilizes one wide receiver, everything else is Andrews or a running back, isn't worth me trying to figure out who besides Amani Oruwariye is worth looking at here in Detroit. One half of a good matchup, start our Ravens, pass on the Lions.

    Baltimore Ravens

    Marlon Humphrey (CB) Solid/Ideal

    Anthony Averett (CB) Solid

    Tavon Young (CB) Avoid

    Detroit Lions

    Amani Oruwariye (CB) Avoid

    AJ Parker (CB) Avoid

    Ifeatu Melifonwu (CB) Avoid (Now on IR)

    All others (CB) Avoid

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    The Broncos get the struggling Jets this week

    Jets @ Broncos

    Outlook: Same deal in this one, we can start our Jets corner options because they'll be on the field a ton and because the Broncos passing attack is actually decent this season so far. As for the Broncos options they get the 28th ranked Jets passing attack and this Broncos defense has only spent 45 minutes on the field this entire season total, not even kidding. Fuller or Surtain would have to luck into a pick, which is certainly a possibility, but not something I want to bet on. Tackles and pass defense are exponentially more reliable week to week to predict, if you're feeling risky fire up one of the Broncos options in a deeper league and pray we get another four interception day out of Zach Wilson and that a couple of those end up in Fuller or Surtains hands. One half of a decent matchup here as well.

    New York Jets

    Bryce Hall (CB) Solid

    Michael Carter (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Brandin Echols (CB) Avoid

    Denver Broncos

    Kyle Fuller (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only, risky, likely dependent on a splash play)

    Patrick Surtain (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only, risky, likely dependent on a splash play)

    Bryce Callahan (CB) Avoid

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    Xavien Howard and Byron Jones get the fairly hot Raiders passing attack this week

    Dolphins @ Raiders

    Outlook: Another of the same story, with Tua likely sidelined this week we're once again staring at half of a good matchup. Howard, Jones and company will be excellent options against this first overall ranked Raiders passing attack but on the reverse side I doubt we want to fire up any options against Jacoby Brisset unless we're talking a much deeper league and our streaming options are limited. Brisset has played significant snaps before in his career but he was a bench player here and not the starter for a reason. One half of a good matchup.

    Miami Dolphins

    Xavien Howard (CB) Solid/Ideal

    Byron Jones (CB) Solid

    Justin Coleman (CB) (Unsure of third corner)

    Nik Needham (CB) Avoid (No concrete information on third corner)

    Check local Miami beat writers if you want to figure out who the third corner here is if you need that in an, obviously, crazy deep league.

    Las Vegas Raiders

    Trayvon Mullen (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Casey Hayward (CB) Avoid

    Nate Hobbs (CB) Avoid

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    Jalen Ramsey is off to a hot start this season

    Buccaneers @ Rams


    Outlook: The 5th and 7th best passing attacks in the league led by two excellent gunslingers face off outside in beautiful sunny California. And while the Bucs defense is a Super Bowl caliber unit they are currently ranked 30th in the league for pass defense and were poked full of holes by both Dallas and Atlanta so far. The Rams pass defense is ranked much better, 11th overall so far this season but this is Brady with an incredible cast of weapons so we can take that with a grain of salt. Vegas has this one tied with the Chargers/Chiefs game for the highest over/under this week at 55.5 total, a shootout of epic proportions. Both teams are in the better half of the league for wide receiver targeting as well. Fire up everyone. This one looks beautiful.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Carlton Davis (CB) Ideal

    Jamel Dean (CB) Solid

    Ross Cockrell (CB) Avoid (Playing time)

    Los Angeles Rams

    Jalen Ramsey (CB) Ideal

    Darious Williams (CB) Solid/Ideal

    David Long Jr (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

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    Mr. Peterson may get to see Russ cook

    Seahawks @ Vikings


    Outlook: The 10th and 8th ranked respectively passing attacks face off inside where mother nature can't screw us in a battle that Vegas thinks will be just as much of an offensive explosion as the Bucs/Rams and Chiefs/Chargers, 55.5 over/under for this one as well. Both pass defenses are hot garbage and both teams have a pair of excellent studs at wide receiver and a quarterback fully capable of getting them the rock all game long. The Vikings are inside the top ten for wide receiver targets so if I had to lean one way or the other I'd say the Seattle corner options may be a tad better but really both teams corner options look excellent for this one. Another beautiful matchup to stream from this week.

    Seattle Seahawks

    Tre Flowers (CB) Solid

    DJ Reed (CB) Solid

    Quandre Diggs (S/CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Minnesota Vikings

    Patrick Peterson (CB) Solid

    Bashaud Breeland (CB) Solid

    Mackensie Alexander (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Embed from Getty Images

    Jaire Alexander may not have much work with the run first, second and last 49ers this week

    Packers @ 49ers

    Outlook: Green Bay started the season slow but picked up a ton of offensive steam against the Lions last week, we still don't know which version will show up in San Francisco this week but I'd be comfortable starting the Niners corners here against Rodgers despite their current pass ranking of 26th overall, which we all know won't be how they finish the season, sample size is too small for total accuracy as we sit heading into week three. As for the reverse the Niners passing attack has looked anything but special and currently sits middle of the pack, neither team targets their wide receivers enough for that to sway me in a positive direction currently. Vegas thinks we get some points here, 48.5 over/under, my problem is I bet a good deal of those points get scored on the ground. We can start the Niners options here and the two Packers options only in much deeper leagues where you don't have any wiggle room to change up to one of the better streams this week. Mediocre stream overall.

    Green Bay Packers

    Jaire Alexander (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Kevin King (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Chandon Sullivan (CB) Avoid

    Eric Stokes (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only, risky, we've only seen one week of ideal playing time and that could've been due to the opponent and the fact that victor was really never in doubt against the Lions)

    San Francisco 49ers

    Deommodore Lenoir (CB) Solid

    Josh Norman (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    K'Waun Williams (CB) Avoid

    Embed from Getty Images


    Eagles @ Cowboys

    Outlook: We can start the Eagles options against this 6th ranked Cowboys passing attack and we can start our two solid Cowboys options against this middle of the pack Eagles passing attack that will likely bounce back in a big way against this Cowboys defense that really doesn't have a pass rush currently due to injury shenanigans. With a 51.5 over/under Vegas likes this game for a ton of points, second highest over/under behind the blessed three streams from earlier, and the Cowboys target their wide receivers the second most of any team in the league so our Eagles options go from looking good to looking great. Start the studs here and feel really good about it, almost a perfect stream, Jalen Hurts not being as consistent as we would want is the only thing holding me back. Really solid overall.

    Philadelphia Eagles

    Darius Slay (CB) Solid/Ideal

    Steven Nelson (CB) Solid

    Avonte Maddox (CB) Solid (Deeper leagues only)

    Dallas Cowboys

    Trevon Diggs (CB) Solid

    Anthony Brown (CB) Solid

    Jourdan Lewis (CB) Avoid

    Remember to check inactives before kickoff to avoid any surprise zeroes! The information here is usually only accurate up until Thursday evening each week, then it gets published and I won't be editing and updating with any injury news that occurs after that point, it's your responsibility to track injuries for your own team. Good luck this week!

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    Non-delusional Cowboys Fan. Been playing Fantasy since 2003, IDP since 2004 and watching football for 35 years. Being a firm believer in "you should know if the person you're taking advice from actually knows or wins anything" I'd like to present exhibit A: I have a diamond rating in Yahoo (976) with 29 plus titles in redraft/dynasty across Yahoo, Sleeper, Fantrax and MFL and an additional 57 plus 2nd/3rd place in redraft/dynasty, same platforms. I also play in and have won several all-IDP leagues. I started playing FanDuel with a free entry and have won almost a grand since. I've also won many leagues on the draft app (RIP Draft App, we miss you) and play the maximum number of free college fantasy leagues on Yahoo every year as well with 3 titles and 9 trophies in just two years of playing before Yahoo discontinued those leagues. My profile includes multiple titles in survivor and pick em leagues as well. I was a finalist in the 2021/22 IDP Guys Invitational and the best ball tournament. Also a MFL & Sleeper best ball & eliminator degenerate with many titles there as well. I just started playing All-22 this season and I would bet the mortgage I'll be good at that too. (Update, I did fine, 9-5 first season and made playoffs). What does all that mean? Nothing except when I do something I tend to overdo it. I have been at this for a long time though so I'll help you with your IDP roster and questions however I can whenever I can. I write a weekly streaming IDP corners article (Johny The Greek's Cornerbacks Corner) and whatever I feel like in the offseason. You can find me @OrangeMan3142 on Twitter. Feel free to reach out for any questions or just to talk some football. Check out my articles on Friday mornings all season long. And new this season and going forward stick around for "Johny The Greek's Free Real Estate" where I interview the best and brightest from FF Twitter, and by that I mean the interesting people who actually help you win and not the useless engagement farmers. I am not an "analyst" I'm just a crazy person/degenerate who has been doing this a long time, has been pretty good at it and is dialed in because I have to be to not sound like an idiot writing all these articles and doing all these shows. My style is straightforward & conversational, IDP isn't complicated and you're not trying to win an argument on Twitter you're trying to win your league. Come join me weekly in season for Johny the Greek's Cornerbacks Corner, where we look at the fine art that is streaming corners or finding ways to maximize your production from your CB slots each week. Also in season check out the IDP Pros Podcast on SGPN network. I hope you enjoyed the article. Let us praise our Messiah Babu Frik and give worship to Baby Yoda. Jimmy G would make a fine husband. Thanks for reading. -Johny the Greek-
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