• Owner: IDP Guys Is Growing & Rebranding After Week 17, We Will Be Down TIll Super Bowl.

    Our Websites Will Be Down For Maintenance For About 2 Months, But Will Return With A Redesign Focusing On Better User Experience


    The launch of our subscription program last season and the subsequent push to increase our premium offerings have helped our site grow substantially and has also made apparent flaws in the design of our website. Our brand also split off to launch the offensive dynasty football website and brand Dynasty Football Digest, and after two seasons it regretfully hasn't gained a foothold in the much larger dynasty community. While the IDP Guys site is nearing their 1 millionth website click, DFD has not been so successful and as the owner of both sites it was clear that the DFD staff's hard work wasn't getting the same recognition and traffic. So from that observation I have been planning some MAJOR updates to implement on the site:

    Dynasty Football Digest Complete Repurpose

    The website for Dynasty Football Digest will be completely repurposed to an NFL Draft, Devy, and College Fantasy database for purchasers of our Rookie Draft Magazines. Our amazing College Football writers will be updating a database of players extending past the NFL Draft into College Devy creating an exhaustive analytical and film breakdown where those who are doing their own research can find stats, videos, and opinions on players on Offense and Defense for use in their fantasy leagues. This site is dedicated not to daily content in the form of articles, but adding depth to our magazine and a place for research and information curated year round.

    We won't be getting rid of our Offensive Dynasty Football content tho, or our premium data and rankings currently part of the DFD subscription program. While standard dynasty content is a large pool in which there are much larger and better quality websites to get your information from, we will be pivoting our daily offensive content to non-standard fantasy football content and data. With the rise of SuperFlex and Tight-end Premium leagues, it fits our original business model of choosing an underrepresented community to create content. This non-standard content will be moved to the IDP Guys website, re-categorizing this staple of the IDP community to envelope even more. IDP Guys will transition to include ALL non-standard form of Fantasy Football! While we will still provide TONS of IDP information and add in the new offensive content, we will also be developing Daily Devy content for both Offense and IDP.

    Subscribers on the DFD website will be manually moved to the new IDP Guys website, and all subscription models and pricing will remain. There will be a subscription for the offensive premium tools and data on the IDP Guys, and we will be increasing the amount of subscription content in the offseason.

    IDP Guys Redesign From The Ground Up

    With the inclusion of the content from the Dynasty Football Digest website and the new pivot coming from that content, IDP Guys will encompass so much more than just IDP. While we will have to keep the url the same for the reasons of our SEO success and our branding will remain, we will need to toss out our website design that was constructed 4 years ago. When I first began setting up that website I was a year into a graphic design program and while I had some knowledge of WordPress at the time, I learned so much during that process as well as since via my design degree, website projects since, and recently with the purchase of new tools that made it so glaring that the website was out of date. In the web design world, a complete update of your website should come every 5 years to stay relevant and inline with other well designed sites.

    This process will take up to two months to complete, as I strip down the site to just what is successful and rebuild up to what should be an impressively designed site that will focus on our audience's experience both on desktop and mobile. As we have scaled up, we have patched many issues from users who had problems accessing or reading on our website. Those patches should only be temporary, with this rebuild we can take these issues and create the best platform for IDP and non-standard fantasy football articles and data.

    The biggest focus of this redesign will also be creating the best possible subscription purchase portal, which has been a pain point for us. While most subscribers have been able to utilize our login and signup process fairly well, we still have daily questions and concerns about purchasing and logging in. Since we will be funneling two sites worth of content into one portal, we want to make sure its the best possible. All current subscribers should have no worry about losing their access after the design, but there will be 2 months that will be blocked. This is our lowest period of traffic, from the end of fantasy playoffs till right after the Super Bowl when we begin our NFL Draft coverage. So subscribers should experience no downtime, and our writers will get a much needed respite from their daily content duties.

    Integration With Patreon

    When I put my mind to redesigning the login and subscription portal, I pursued all options of how to create a simple and efficient login. Patreon has a great integration with WordPress, and a ton of cool new toys that we could utilize for those who really want to support the sites and podcasts. So as we will begin to invest in restarting our Patreon in 2021, we will be integrating their login integration between both IDP Guys and the new Dynasty Football Digest database.

    Patreon will be a more premium option for fans who want to support our vision and get unique benefits above the data research.

    What we will offer:

      • Downloadable Tools that are in Beta before launch on the website
      • A link to watch the IDP Guys record and ask questions after we record
      • Physical and Digital Copies of our NFL Draft Magazines
      • Login to both IDP Guys and DFD with all content open based on your Patreon Level
      • A website forum that we will be investing in heavily to create even more community
      • and other ideas we haven't fully fleshed out yet

    If you would like to switch your Subscription to a Patreon Membership, purchase on Patreon and then email Nathan@reiterdesign.com with your website subscription information and your new Patreon Membership and we will return your first month on Patreon! Please allow us till a couple months after the new redesign to ensure all offers are being honored, as it will take some time to set up.

    So thank you for taking the time to read this update on the future of IDP Guys and Dynasty Football Digest. If you are a brand that is interested in partnering with us, please reach out to nathan@reiterdesign.com as we have just launched an affiliate program with kickbacks for our affiliate marketers.

    Nathan Cheatham

    One of the hosts of the podcast, Nathan has been writing and editing football content for over three years. Him and some close friends have been building this IDP fantasy podcast for some time now, and improvements keep coming. Nathan is the founder of both the website and the podcast. The idea came from his work with other podcasts and websites, and partnering with his roommate.
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