• Playoff Reaction For IDP Fantasy Football Week 15 (Part Three)

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    Taking a look at the NFL Week 15 from a IDP perspective; notes on what our writer @Orangeman3142 saw this weekend.

    It's playoff time which means no more bye weeks, no more short term guys and far fewer spot starts. You dance with the girl that you brought with you. The analysis series I've done all year is pretty much done, at this point we all know who we're playing during playoffs and the only questions left are basically start or sit type stuff.

    I'll still be putting that weekly start or sit article out this Sunday morning and we'll be doing the weekly start or sit live show on Twitter and Periscope with Gary Van Dyke, Sam Lane, myself and Joe Haggan this week at 11am Eastern time. That's a great place to go for last minute questions for your lineup, we cover inactives on that show also. This weeks instant reaction series is going to be very short since there aren't a ton of new developments and my new job is eating up any time I have free besides that.

    So let's get into it.

    Miami Dolphins @ Minnesota Vikings

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    Dolphins: It was the new generation of IDP studs leading the way for the Dolphins this week, both Minkah Fitzpatrick (S) and Raekwon McMillan (LB) had the best days for the Fins IDP production this week. Fitzpatrick is fine as a corner if your league gives him that designation but isn't consistent enough to start at safety weekly yet and McMillan is a solid tier two linebacker going forward. Kiko Alonso (LB) had a down week in a matchup where he should've done far better, overall though he's been an end of tier one guy all season so you have to keep playing him unless you have a better option.

    TJ McDonald (S) had a serviceable game and has been solid all year, keep playing him as an end of tier one guy or ideally a safety two and you're looking good. Bobby McCain (CB) continues to be a great stream at corner while Xavien Howard (CB) is banged up, keep plugging him in if the matchup is right against solid passing offenses. Reshad Jones (S) turned in another underwhelming performance, this season has been a disaster for him and his owners. I dropped my shares of him months ago. Davon Godchaux (DT) had a sack and a nice game but is still just a futures option in dynasty at this point in time.

    Vikings: It was Anthony Barr (LB) leading the way for the Vikings this week, while I've seen him on several rosters in some of the IDP leagues I'm in I've never been interested myself, I look at every box score from every game every week and rarely does he do anything that raises my eyebrows. He's been under projection six times this year and missed another two games due to injury so play him at your own risk I guess. Eric Kendricks (LB) had yet another monster game and has been red hot lately, his floor is one of the best in IDP he'll rarely if ever screw you and stick you with a donut and he's been putting up monster games frequently as of late. Keep playing him as an end of tier one linebacker.

    Danielle Hunter (DE) and Everson Griffen (DE) both had awesome performances and remain a tier one and start of tier two weekly auto starts respectively. Sheldon Richardson (DT) had a nice game and remains a solid tier two defensive tackle while Linval Joseph (DT) had a bad week, he remains a top ten IDP defensive tackle and a weekly auto start though. Harrison Smith (S) had one solo tackle, I should call him Harrison "Chipotle" Smith from now on since he's very spotty, he's a big name but not a great producer when it comes to reliability and consistency.

    Tennessee Titans @ New York Giants

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    Titans: It was Kendrick Lewis (S) who led the way for the Titans this week with a monster game, with the crowded and talented secondary in Tennessee I'm skeptical at best that he can do this again, it's the first time I've seen this guys name and it's fantasy playoffs so I'm definitely not suggesting picking him up and playing him after one weeks production. Adoree Jackson (CB) had a great game as well and is an auto start if your league has return yards and a decent stream if the matchup is right otherwise.

    Both Wesley Woodyard (LB) and Jayon Brown (LB) had sub par games in an ideal matchup against a Giants team that runs Saquon a ton every game, they've both been solid options all year but Woodyard in particular has been in a slump lately, I'm still starting them if the matchup is right though. Jurell Casey (DT) had a bad game as well but remains a top ten IDP defensive tackle and a weekly must start. Kevin Byard (S) put up a massive game with tons of bonus plays like a pick and a sack, overall he's been a tier one guy this season but more and more he's not depending on tackles for a tier one day and getting it done with sacks, tackles for loss and interceptions which are all much harder to put up consistently compared to tackles. So buyer beware, that's a recipe for a dud game sometime during playoffs when it matters most.

    Giants: Alec Ogletree (LB) turned in another terrific performance this week and has been red hot lately, keep starting him as a tier one option. Micheal Thomas (S), the safety, has come in to replace Landon Collins (S) who went to IR recently and has been doing an outstanding job while filling in, he had a monster game this week and is a good option if you need safety help.

    Both Janoris Jenkins (CB) and Olivier Vernon (DE, LB) had off games this week as well but Jenkins was definitely not in an ideal matchup this week, start him against effective passing offenses as a great streaming corner. Vernon was more a short term or bye week guy during the season so if you need him now that's not a good sign. I know BJ Goodson (LB) and Kareem Martin (LB) had monster games this week but this is the first time I'm mentioning either this year and it's week fifteen so I'm not interested and you shouldn't be either.

    Washington Redskins @ Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Redskins: It was the new best IDP linebacker for the Skins leading the way this week, Mason Foster (LB) had a solid game and remains an end of tier one producer at linebacker. I don't care about Ryan Kerrigan (LB, EDGE) or his two sack monster game, check his stats sometime and tell me if that kind of "reliability" or "consistency" is something you'd be interested in, I'm not. Ha Ha Clinton Dix (S) had a nice game this week and has been hot since joining the Skins awhile ago, keep playing him as an end of tier one safety.

    Zach Brown (LB) saved his day with a sack but otherwise didn't do much this week and has been a massive disappointment most of this season, he's fine as a linebacker three ideally or a linebacker two in deeper leagues though. DJ Swearinger (S) had no stats of any kind this week and has been stuck in a downward spiral since Clinton Dix joined the team and ate his production, don't play him unless you have to. Josh Norman (CB) had a serviceable games in a not ideal matchup this week and is still a good option to stream when playing against better passing offenses.

    Jags: Telvin Smith (LB) led the way for the Jags this week with a solid game, he's been a great tier one performer all season and is an auto start at linebacker. Calais Campbell (DE) had a monster game and is also a tier one auto start and remains so. Myles Jack (LB) put up a serviceable stat line if you have him as a linebacker two in super deep leagues or even better a linebacker three, asking anything more than that of him is a recipe for disaster.

    Neither of the Jags IDP relevant corners, AJ Bouye (CB) or Jalen Ramsey (CB), had a big game but that was a given playing against this Redskins passing offense that's on it's fourth quarterback now. Yannick Ngakoue (DE) had a bad game but is nothing more than a defensive end two in deeper leagues.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Baltimore Ravens

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    Bucs: Tier one stud Lavonte David (LB) turned in the only monster game for the IDP relevant pieces on the Bucs this week, Vita Vea (DT) had a monster game as well but is still just a futures piece in dynasty from what I've seen this season. David is and remains a tier one auto start at linebacker. Jordan Whitehead (S) and Jason Pierre Paul (DE) both had down games this week but have been hot lately and it was definitely not an ideal game for Whitehead with Baltimores limited offensive potential. Continue to start them both, Whitehead as a tier two option and Paul as a tier one auto start who's had a terrific season overall.

    Gerald McCoy (DT) had a serviceable game and is still a rock solid start of tier two option at defensive tackle going forward. Adarius Taylor (LB) was injured and out and none of the Bucs corners had a good game or were expected to with this matchup.

    Ravens: CJ Mosley (LB) turned in an outstanding performance this week and remains an excellent tier one option at linebacker going forward. Eric Weddle (S) had a great game as well but is spotty overall, he was a bye week guy for me during the season but I wouldn't count on him for much more, ever.

    Tony Jefferson (S) was back in action this week but was clearly rusty and probably didn't see his full compliment of snaps, either way he's cooled down significantly since the start of the season even without the injury so I'm looking for options elsewhere when it comes to him. Terrel Suggs (LB, EDGE) had no stats of any kind this week and you shouldn't be playing him anyways unless it's in a specific OLB or EDGE slot.

    Keep an eye out for my weekly start or sit article dropping Sunday and catch our weekly start or sit periscope live show this Sunday @ 11AM Eastern.

    If you have any questions or need some advice feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@OrangeMan3142) or use the "Contact Us" box on our website (idpguys.org) to reach us. Our team of writers has over 100 combined years of experience in IDP fantasy football and we are always accessible and transparent with both our hits and misses.

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