• The IDP “EDGE Pledge”

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    We Are Living in the Past

    Fantasy Football Individual Defensive Players, better known as IDP or FFIDP, is growing more popular by the day. I've been playing fantasy sports for over a decade and have only dreamed of being a 1st time IDP guest on multiple, very respected podcast just this offseason. Rumors, rumble, of the largest Fantasy Tournament around starting to kick the tires on accepting IDP.. What does all this mean you ask??! The TIME HAS CAME TO ACT NOW! EDGE HAS TO REPLACE OUTSIDE LINEBACKERS!

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    The changes that CAN, be made to make our beloved IDP, in which we all love with deeply enamored passion, can be argued until the cows come home. But as a community I'd say over ¾ of us can all get behind the idea that OLB in a 3-4 D are a constant problem year in and year out. Me personally, I don't own a single one and you can tell by looking at my Dynasty Rankings on Idpguys.org. The reason isn't because of talent, hell in 2019 2 (OLBs), Mack and Von are in the NFL.com Top100, in the top 10. It's because consistency is key with Linebackers in IDP. Khalil Mack is arguably the best defensive player in the NFL yet, I have him around LB25.

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    It isn't just me either, one ranker has him at 53, one at 72!. Why do we continue to do this? Could you imagine not playing Kelce, or George Kittle just because your league says, “because they catch passes and not block a certain % of time they are WRs….  That's not EXACTLY what the case is here, with OLB-LBs but a point can be made it isn't far off.

    In my 10 years of playing IDP I've played with and chatted with the most respectable names in IDP Fantasy.. From Gary Davenport to Mike Woellert and Johnny the Greek to Co Creator of PodWars and lead on point scoring changes, my best bro Coach Donnelly.

    Newcomers to the community that are wizards at position changes like Ryan Early. Ratings and rankings groundbreakers like Jeff DiMateo at GridirinRatings.com. We together, can #GrowIDP

    We see all this evolution going on around us, within our own bubble, it's time to make a change that will ultimately make it easier on us as “Analyst ” and more understandable for people we want to join us in this amazing community and IDP BUBBLE!!!!!

    What Needs To Happen

    I have no idea what is the best way to get this movement started, as well as a set in stone scoring system for Tackles, PD, TFL, etc and at each position but I believe we have to act now and this would be a huge step for us. I will be including a petition, if you may, but its just a document we as a community can show platforms that might not think this movement is nothing more than a few leagues that want change.

    We stand together and our voices will be heard, rather than one at a time watching nothing change but Fantasy get bigger and bigger around us from within.

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    Removing OLB and either making them and DE= EDGE as a position, or just moving them to the already appointed DE would make so much sense for us all.

    I'm sure all major IDP platforms would offer a free chart to make all this very easy to transition too.  Private chats are always a hotbed for amazing, honest, insights between amazing minds and I just know a council can be made to make this as much of a benefit for us all as I know deep down in my heart, it would be.


    A very popular name this year is, Shaq Barrett OLB TB Bucs. Shaq was drafted by the Broncos and fit the OLB mold and was a great fit for the team. D. Ware gets signed he gets no PT and goes to another OLB role this year where he is not only making a name for himself to get paid, he is the top scoring LB in IDP! Mainly due to the fact that most leagues adjust scoring settings to make LBs sacks be worth more, sooooo OLBs can be somewhat relevant in that league. Or that he had 7 sacks in 2 games.

    Did you know that in one of my leagues my opponent scored 30.00pts with Barret in just 3 plays… 1 Tackle 1 TFL & 1QBSack X3… Now being the guy that is always thinking of others feelings I immediately felt bad for him as a newbie to IDP because that's not consistent enough from a LB to win it all.. Make the switch and, Barrett as a DE or Edge would still be a top scorer and a gem likely on the wire, without the surprise a lot of us have experienced  the hard way and even some given up on IDP saying, its too much work..

    Wouldn't it be 10000x easier just to use the same platform you use for advice to change OLBs to Edge or DE? We make leagues with PPR, TE Prem, 2QB, etc etc I know this community can make this Pledge HAPPEN!!


    The IDP EDGE Pledge

    “OLB won't be in my IDP, I'm for the growth of our Fantasy. No more causing all this fuss, make the EDGE Pledge a must.”


    A sign up sheet will be made, just for all the amazing people that supports this can sign and show to league mates or anyone needing help convinced it's for the overall Growth of Our FantasyIDP.

    Thank you to everyone for your continued support. I promised big changes back in April and we are about to change Fantasy Football as we know it!! Your Homie, Doug Bevills. 


    will be where you can sign the petition NOW!!!! http://chng.it/Dcg8XmWS


    Howdy folks, names Doug Bevills. I’m a 14 yr Fantasy Sports Vet, that has been writing/ranking/podcasting for the last decade. Husband of 10yrs to my best friend, Father of 7(yup 7). I take care of 112 head of cattle, work 60 hrs week(heavy equipment), roll BJJ twice a week and still 99% of my thoughts are of IDP Fantasy Football. Was voted 15th ranked #IDPFFFollows 22nd #NFLDraftFFFollow and 6th Under 1k in 2019 on FFTwitter. Music,Movies,a stiff drink and Family!! Creator & Host RatedIDPLive on Podbean and YouTube #PodWars2019 and #WriterWars Sponsor Affiliates include MyFantasyLeague.com GETEMBOY.com DMs are always open @OklahomieDoug and look forward to chatting with you soon. PEACE!!
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