Tiers to Rookie WR Success | Offensive Points

With a week until the draft, we go through all 32 teams and uncover which teams will lead to immediate WR success. Which 4 teams are elite landing spots? What teams will have a rookie's value dead on arrival? πŸ†πŸ“ˆ

Join us on "Offensive Points" as we dive into the 2024 NFL Draft, focusing on the most promising rookie wide receivers and their potential impact in fantasy football. In this episode, we analyze the best landing spots for these rookies, discuss recent NFL signings and their fantasy implications, and share insights from our latest rookie guide. Don't miss our special live draft show next week, where we'll cover the draft as it happens, offer real-time analysis, and give away NFL jerseys. Drop your questions in the comments or send them to our mailbag for a chance to win!

πŸ•’ Timestamps:
11:55- Cardinals
13:15- Atlanta
15:30- Ravens
18:28 - Bills
19:09- Panthers
21:45- Bears
26:42- Browns
28:23- Cowboys
35:36- Texans
36:42- Colts
38:40- Jaguars
39:58- Chiefs
41:38- Chargers
42:31- Rams
44:40- Raiders
46:07- Dolphins
48:12- Vikings
49:02- Patriots
51:10- Saints
53:12- Giants
54:36- Jets
55:50- Eagles
57:34- Steelers
59:37- Seahawks
1:00:31- 49ers
1:03:38- Titans
1:05:42- Commanders

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