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    Targeting IDP (individual defensive players) is often a lot more involved, and volatile, than offensive fantasy football players.

    It’s easy to forget how much these guys can impact not just the outcome of a NFL game but also fantasy football results or sports betting in general.

    Here are some top performers, and potentially still under the radar IDP players.

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    Eric Wilson - LB Minnesota Vikings

    This is a name that should still be under the radar. Eric Wilson took over for an injured Ben Gedeon and had a huge week 3. It is still unclear as to Gedeon’s health. But regardless, with the strong play from Wilson, it may be difficult to justify sending him back to the bench.

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    Cole Holcomb - LB Washington Redskins

    Rookie linebacker Cole Holcomb was not who fantasy players projected to be the best fantasy linebacker for the Washington Redskins. Much like the rookie cornerback rule, the rookie linebacker is likely being targeted by opposing offenses in the mid-range passing game. If you’re looking for tackle consistency, Cole Holcomb is your man.

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    Clay Matthews - LB Los Angeles Rams

    A blast from the past, old man Matthews is still getting it done in the sack game. He has at least 1 sack in every game this year so far. For big play upside leagues, don’t forget about him. He won’t give you much consistency with tackles, but seems like he still has plenty left in the tank to terrorize opposing quarterbacks. 

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    Sam Hubbard - DE Cincinnati Bengals

    Prior to the start of the season, Sam Hubbard is not likely a name you had heard of. Now three weeks into the season, he is the second best scoring defensive end after Myles Garrett. I like Hubbard’s outlook for the rest of the year. He is only in his second year and has shown a blended ability to pass rush and run stop. Since sports betting in New Jersey is now legal, if you are in the Garden State, as well as PA and other 13 states, you can make a few bucks on over sack totals on the Bengals with Hubbard in the lineup.

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    Jonathan Hankins - DT Oakland Raiders

    You know what makes for good defensive fantasy players? Always being on the field! Jonathan Hankins has high draft capital (2nd round pick in 2013) and may finally be living up to his potential in Oakland. After a sluggish first week, Hankins has been logging more tackles. In leagues requiring you to start a defensive tackle, you could do a lot worse than Jonathan Hankins.

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    Levi Wallace - CB Buffalo Bills

    Playing opposite to one of the league’s best cornerbacks, Tre’Davious White, Levi Wallace is the perfect fantasy cornerback prospect. Wallace is in his second year, and only played a few games as a rookie. As opposing quarterbacks look to throw away from White, Wallace has and will continue to benefit. He has a solid built-in tackles floor, so everything else (defended passes, interceptions) is gravy on top.

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    Vonn Bell - S New Orleans Saints

    With the Saints often finding themselves in high scoring games, Vonn Bell finds himself making a lot of tackles. A great fantasy recipe for your safety. Bell also benefits from a mediocre linebacking core in front of him allowing runners and over-the-middle pass catchers to enter the secondary. This third year player is an emerging stud at a deep defensive fantasy position.

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