• Week 17 Fantasy Football Start/Sits

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    Who should or should not be in your lineups this week? Find out in the Week 17 Fantasy Football Start/Sits article!

    Week 17 is here! If you're still with me, that likely means you're in the CHAMPIONSHIPS! Most of your line-up is likely locked in as it has been down the stretch. But maybe someone got injured, or they put up a complete dud last week (looking at you, Gerald Everett). Perhaps there is that one flex spot or that third WR slot that you just can't decide who to throw in there. That's where this Week 17 Fantasy Football Start/Sits article comes in!

    This is a weekly recurring article where I will go game by game, advising you who is line-up worthy and who to fade.

    PS: If you want personalized advice for a "my team specifically" scenario or have another question, please feel welcome to reach out. I can be reached via DM on Twitter @DynastyBison or tag me in the IDPguys subscriber Discord at the same handle.

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    These are your "if you have them, start them" players. They are typically either must-starts every week or solid players with a great match-up to exploit. These players may not be every-week starters, but there is something special this week to consider. It could be their match-up or that I think they are severely underrated. When those flex or injured starter decisions come around, keep these players in mind. Plain and simple, those that reside here are not ideal starters this week. They could be a good player in a bad matchup, a meh player in a good matchup, or a rookie I'm just not trusting yet. Pivot elsewhere when possible, but "if-you-must," they likely won't give you a goose egg either.



    Avoid starting these players whenever possible. Their match-up may be terrible, they could be too unproven, or their talent level is equal to "never, even if there's a fire." Regardless of the reason, I do not recommend them.

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    Weekly Reminders

    1. All injury designations are as of Wednesday, a change in player health status can certainly change how you should feel about starting them.
    2. The order in which the players are listed within each rating IS NOT my preference order between them.

    Table of Contents

    Thursday Night (8:15 pm EST)

    Sunday Games

    Early Afternoon (1:00 pm EST)

    Late Afternoon (4:05/4:25 pm EST)

    Sunday Night Football (8:20 pm EST)

    Monday Night Football (8:15 pm EST)

    Week 17 Fantasy Football Start/Sits

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