• 2024 Senior Bowl Spotlight: Jamari Thrash

    🏈 Explore the exciting journey of Jamari Thrash, a standout wide receiver making a significant impact in the football arena. Join Billy Mansell from IDP+ and the Offensive Points Podcast for a captivating interview that sheds light on Jamari's career, his strategies on the field, and his goals for the future.

    🚀 About Jamari Thrash:
    Known for his remarkable speed, agility, and impressive catching abilities, Jamari Thrash has been a key player to watch. His exceptional skills as a wide receiver have not only captivated fans but have also marked him as a significant talent in the sport.

    🎤 About Billy Mansell & IDP+:
    Host Billy Mansell is celebrated for his insightful analyses and engaging interviews in the football world. IDP+ and the Offensive Points Podcast are platforms where Billy presents comprehensive discussions and exciting insights into football's emerging talents and future NFL stars.

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