• NFL Game Tour 2023: San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals

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    Why does the San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals game rank #16 on our list of the best 2023 NFL travel games? Keep reading to find out!

    Jonathan Gannon will be the new man pushing the Arizona Cardinals buttons this year. The rookie head coach has a lot on his plate. Swirling rumors on the future of DeAndre Hopkins continue to linger. The biggest question mark remains that of Kyler Murray. The QB is not even one year into his contract extension which is consuming resources.

    Despite all the questions about the Arizona Cardinals, the matchup against the San Francisco 49ers is very appealing. It offers a chance to check out a Super Bowl LVIII frontrunner along with some intangibles that are unique for the month of December. This 2023 Week 15 NFL matchup looks like fun.

    San Francisco 49ers Vs Arizona Cardinals


    • December is a great time to be in the Phoenix area. Average temperate in the mid to low 60°F range.
    • Golf In December!
    • Opportunity to check out a team with a good opportunity to win the Super Bowl.
    • Divisional Rivalry game
    • Decent get-in-the-door tickets for $95 per seat.
    • State Farm Stadium does have some history. A chance to check out a building that has hosted Super Bowls in 2008, 2015 & 2023.
    • Reasonable logging pricing.


    • The competitive nature of the game. Will the Arizona Cardinals be competitive? Will the San Francisco 49ers even need the game?
    • Thick of the Holiday season. Not an ideal time to travel other than for family benefits.
    • 4:05 PM EST Kickoff. This battle is not a Prime Time game.
    • Arizona Cardinals are awful.
    • For diehard NFL fans, is watching this game worth missing Dallas Vs Buffalo or Philadelphia Vs Seattle? These are also games kicking off in the 4 PM EST window and all teams are 2022 playoff teams.

    Overall Diamond Ranking (♦♦)

    Arizona Weekend Recommendations & Game Plan

    1. Transportation to and from PHX Airport to hotel. (Other transportation travel expenses $100)
    2. Friday Night Dinner At your hotel or another local point of interest ($200)
    3. At an average nightly cost of $175, go ahead and lock in the Embassy Suites by Hilton Phoenix Scottsdale. Our check-in date will be December 15th and check-out for the 18th. The hotel is about 12 miles from the stadium and has other great features. Features like Free Breakfast and Wi-Fi. ($525)
    4. After breakfast on Saturday, we are locking in a round of golf at Stonecreek Golf Club. ($250)
    5. Saturday night looks like a great opportunity for a steak at the Rawhide Western Town and Steakhouse. Looks like it is only a 5-minute ride from your hotel. ($300)
    6. Prior to the game, we are hitting Old Tree Golf Course for another round. ($265)
    7. Two San Francisco 49ers Vs Arizona Cardinals Game Day Tickets. We are also budgeting for food, drink, etc. at the game. ($390)
    8. Transportation to and from our NFL game. ($95)

    Total Estimated Cost ($100 + $200 + $525 + $250 + $350 + $265 + $390 + $95 = $2,175)

    Total Estimated Cost Per Person ($2,175 / 2 = $1,087.50)

    Thank you for reading my SF Vs ARI #16 article. This is part of our "Best 2023 NFL Travel Games" piece! You can read more of my sports betting content on my IDP Guys Author page. After that, feel free to connect with me on Twitter @MarcSaulino and follow @IDPGuys to stay informed about everything NFL-relevant. 

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