• The Best 2023 NFL Travel Games

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    Are you working with a budget but dreaming of making an NFL road trip? Here are the 18 best NFL Travel games on the 2023 schedule.

    The NFL has created yet another event around the release of its 2023 NFL schedule, and football fans are truly dedicated individuals. By the close of the 2021 season, the average ticket price has ballooned to $457. However, increased pricing does not prevent us fans from filling stadiums.

    NFL fandom has such a cult following that thousands plan mini-vacations around games. Let's take a look at the best NFL Travel Games on the 2023 schedule.

    NFL Travel Assumptions

    We are taking a modest two-person trip approach and working with a reasonable $2,500 budget for each game on our list. ($1,250 per person) The forecasted budget does not include the costs that are necessary to arrive and return from your game day destination, such as airfare or a train ticket.

    Our Travel Criteria

    We worked off a point value system. Points were awarded to games that met our defined criteria; games that obtained the most points were considered NFL travel worthy. As we compiled our list, we concluded that we would only select one game per week and that a host team can only be selected once. Teams may appear more than once on this list but not in their host city.

    The criteria worked with included:   

    • Is the host city a top 10 US-traveled city?
    • Prime Time Events earned more NFL travel points than those that were not.
    • Did the Game Day Event DATE have any national significance?
    • Historical Significance or modern awe with the host stadium
    • Projected starting QBs and their star power.
    • Divisional / Rivalry Game
    • Projected Playoff Team
    • Average Hotel Cost UNDER $250 Per Night and LESS THAN - 10 Miles From Stadium
    • Average Ticket Price UNDER $200 Per Seat

    The 2023 NFL Travel List

    Each week we will be compiling and updating our list on a weekly basis! Ultimately we will be starting with #18 and working our way down all the way to #1.

    #18 = Green Bay Packers vs. Las Vegas Raiders / Week 5
    #17 = Kansas City Chiefs vs. Jacksonville Jaguars / Week 2
    #16 = San Francisco 49ers Vs Arizona Cardinals / Week 15
    #15 = New Orleans Saints Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Week 17

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