• Redraft Offense Rankings

    Rankings updated June 25, 2024

    How We Do Our Redraft Rankings

    Below you will find all our redraft rankings, we publish consensus sheets to give our users the best quality. Our rankings are adjusted daily, starting June 1st until the season begins in September. Please email nathan@idpguys.org if you find any drastic errors.

    Redraft Scoring

    Our IDP scoring is based on a balance with PPR scoring. You can adjust based on your scoring compared to how balanced your IDPs are to Offense. You can also use our Scoring Tool  if you’d like to input your own scoring and get custom rankings based on our projections and last year’s stats.

    How Deep Are Our Rankings

    If you are considering becoming a subscriber, you can see how many different kinds of rankings we have below. The depth of our rankings go to 700+ on Dynasty but around 500 for redraft and are consensus of at least 3 and up to 7 rankers.

    The IDP Draft Kit

    Looking for even MORE redraft rankings and exclusive content to win your league at the draft? Get the #1 IDP Draft Kit, a collection of rankings, downloadable cheat sheets, specialized data and articles.

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