• Top 12 Dynasty Cornerbacks for 2024

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    It's never too early to talk about next year! From breakout stars to seasoned veterans, let's take an early look at the top 12 dynasty Cornerbacks for 2024.

    With the end of the 2023 football season approaching, it's time to shift our fantasy attention to the future. This article focuses on everyone's favorite IDP positional group: Cornerback Rankings! A lot can change with impending free agency and the NFL draft, but we have enough data through our IDP+ tools such as Weekly Fantasy Finishes and Team Snaps to have an early look at the top 12 IDP dynasty Cornerbacks for 2024 IDP Rankings. Let's dive in!

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    12. Desmond King, Houston Texans

    Let's get this top 12 dynasty Cornerbacks list started with Desmond King. The impending unrestricted free agent bet on himself this season by signing a one-year contract with the Houston Texans, and boy did it pay off. In the six games he appeared in for the Texans, King averaged seven combined tackles, which is an elite floor for a CB. You always wish for more splash plays, but those are difficult to rely on, hence why it's nice having that floor of tackles.

    While we don't know which team King will end up on in 2024, he's certainly played his way into a nice contract and some nice play time somewhere. What we look for at the Cornerback position is consistency, and King has been just that over his entire career.

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    11. Tyrique Stevenson, Chicago Bears

    Welcome to the NFL and IDP relevancy Tyrique Stevenson! In his first year, Stevenson racked up an impressive 79 combined tackles with 15 passes defended and four interceptions. The production as a rookie combined with the stability of knowing he'll be on the Bears for the foreseeable future equates to one mighty fine dynasty asset! Pairing him with Kyler Gordon, Eddie Jackson, and Jaquan Brisker, the Bears boast one of the brightest IDP defensive backfields in the league that you'll want a part of.

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