• 2024 Safety IDP Rankings Dynasty Tiers

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    Get an early look at the 2024 safety IDP dynasty rankings by tiers and find out who is breaking down and who broke out.

    In an overview, the NFL has provided more quality safeties across the board than ever. Remarkably enough, it's the coverage and free safety position that's grown in stature most recently. With a strong 2023 player pool and so many NFL teams leaning on those more versatile in coverage. There are also a lot of well-known names that may have been pushed down looking at it from a 5-year dynasty outlook.

    So let's get an early look at the 2024 safety IDP dynasty rankings by tiers. As well as who's new, and who may be slipping with time and the new generations of NFL safeties restocking the player pool.

    2024 Safety IDP Rankings Dynasty Tiers

    In an overview, the new theme is coverage guys over your normal "box safeties". And likely closer to a "bigger" free safety/cornerback in simpler terms. This is a counter to the NFL's higher passing volume and defensive rule changes over the last decade. From two safeties to three, and now coverage safeties that play like liter linebackers. Noting, very few of these top couple of tiers of safeties played their listed positions 100% of the time.

    Many were very close calls in terms of which safety position they started week after week. Add in the additional above-par coverage safeties from recent draft classes. The strong safety is likely on its way out the door in the next decade. One more note. The early 2024 IDP dynasty rankings are listed by the safety position they saw snaps played at in 2023.

    Tier One: Player2023 Main PositionTeam
    1. Kyle HamiltonCoverage SafetyBaltimore Ravens
    2. Jevon HollandFree SafetyMiami Dolphins
    3. Xavier McKinneyStrong SafetyNew York Giants
    4. Antoine WinfieldFree SafetyTampa Bay Buccaneers
    5. Brian BranchCoverage SafetyDetroit Lions
    6. Jaquan BriskerStrong SafetyChicago Bears
    7. Jordan BattleStrong SafetyCincinnati Bengals
    8. Reed BlankenshipFree SafetyPhiladelphia Eagles
    9. Camryn BynumFree SafetyMinnesota Vikings
    10. Talanoa HufangaStrong SafetySan Francisco 49ers
    11. Josh MetellusStrong SafetyMinnesota Vikings
    12. Jalen PitreFree SafetyHouston Texans
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    3. Xavier McKinney - Giants

    Xavier McKinney finally took the next step that most have been waiting on since he was drafted back in 2020. Recording not only his best statistical season for IDP managers. It also brought all his tangibles together in a nice elite-like grade on film. However, McKinney is a 2024 unrestricted free agent, so will he be in New York or elsewhere is the real question. Although it wouldn't likely affect his tier standings wherever he may sign or resign with.

    He's going to be a hot commodity at just 25 years of age and excels mainly in coverage as a bigger "box safety". And did indeed play and start at free safety around 7 games this season and did it fairly well. However in this case. McKinney did even better in coverage at the SS position earning his elite coverage grade. And he did it with only about a 6% missed tackle rate in 2023, which is outstanding. It's also around his career average as a versatile coverage safety of the future.

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    5. Brian Branch - Lions

    Brian Branch was brought along slowly in his rookie season with only 9 starts and about 77% of the snaps. This can be a bit of a head-scratcher looking back and knowing he earned an elite-like grade this past season. But, better late than never as Lions fans have found out. Especially after Branch was reinstated as a full-time player for the playoffs. And that move has paid off big for Detriot. Branch has led the team in the first two rounds with 16 combined tackles, 2 for a loss, a sack, as well as a couple of others. He's a missle and seemingly always around the ball.

    Branch is also in a situation that boosts his performance when it comes to fantasy football. The Lions use their main safeties as the main cog of this defense, relying on them to be as versatile as any in the NFL. Lucky for Detriot, Branch is one of these new coverage safeties the NFL is looking for. And as young and as good as this Lions defense currently is at most key positions.

    Both FS/SS Kerby Joseph (2nd tier) and Branch have earned their spot in these 2023 dynasty rankings. Although Branch has the biggest ceiling right now as the coverage safety.

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    8. Reed Blankenship - Eagles

    After flashing in 2022, Reed Blankinship had an outstanding 2023. Highlighting one of the FS we have that's earned their way into the upper 5-year dynasty rankings tier. He excels in coverage and has the skill set to get the job done when it comes to open-field talking. Including less than a 10% missed tackle rate, Blankenship also has an ideal scenario. And it might be one that'll help ensure a higher-end volume in production in this dynasty ranking.

    The Eagles have missed a big window with their defense after a great 2022 season. And now defensive coordinator Sean Desai was fired, but that was far from all the things that went wrong in 2023. Philadelphia had early injuries and didn't nearly have the quality of depth they once had. Nor did they get the pass rush they had as a group as again players didn't perform under the new D.C. Desai.

    The result here is simple, we project a higher volume floor for Blankinship for at least a couple of seasons. This defense will either continue to decline or struggle unless drastic measures happen. The organization as a whole has never sunk a lot of cash into their defense, or much draft stock for that matter. A slow rebuild might have a huge ceiling if the defense is on the field a lot and showcasing developing and aged IDP.

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