• Fantasy Football Reaction To The 2024 Reese Senior Bowl

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    Get our reaction to the Reese Senior Bowl and the practices leading up to it, broken down by position below.

    This prestigious game not only showcases the best senior collegiate football players and top NFL draft prospects but also serves as a crucial stepping stone for aspiring professional players. Let's get into the details!

    Who gets the golden ticket to this esteemed event? The Senior Bowl is an exclusive affair, inviting only the most talented senior college football players and fourth-year junior graduates. These players are handpicked based on their exceptional performance during the college football season, making the game a showcase of top-tier talent.

    Now, let's talk about the "where" and "when." The Reese's Senior Bowl is held annually at Hancock Whitney Stadium in Mobile, Ala., turning the city into a buzzing hub for NFL scouts, coaches, and football enthusiasts. This year, the event is scheduled for Saturday, February 3rd, marking a pivotal moment in the pre-draft process for players and teams alike.

    Lastly, what exactly is the Reese's Senior Bowl? This game is more than just a college football match; it's a showcase and a critical evaluation platform for upcoming NFL talent. Players not only participate in the game but also engage in a week of practices and meetings with NFL coaches and scouts. This provides a unique and invaluable exposure to the professional football environment.

    Stay tuned as we delve deeper into each of these aspects, giving you an insider's look into the Reese's Senior Bowl, a cornerstone event in the journey of football's brightest stars.

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    Who helped themselves?


    Spencer Rattler (SCAR) had a horrible day 1 but turned it around and ended up being the most impressive throughout the week. Michael Penix Jr (Washington) and Bo Nix (Oregon) were fine overall, but massively up-and-down, not answering questions we had about them. Penix is still the most regarded passer here, but Rattler impressed me (and many) the most. Rattler showed great touch and arm talent, like on this back shoulder toss to other standout Jamari Thrash (Louisville).

    Running Backs

    Marshawn Lloyd (USC) and Ray Davis (Kentucky) were great, showing off their physical running while showing out in the pass game. Dylan Laube (New Hampshire) is the best pass catcher in the class, though. He had a great week, including work with the WRs (tweet below). Troy's Kimani Vidal had a breakout day 3, and may be the best pass protector in the class. The only real stock down player so far (at any position) is Marshall's Rasheen Ali, but this is due to his torn biceps, which will keep him out of the rest of the pre-draft process.

    Wide Receivers

    Roman Wilson (Michigan) was one of the best overall players, battling it out with Quinyon Mitchell (see below). Ladd McConkey (UGA), Luke McCaffery (Rice), and Ricky Pearsall (Florida) were others who dominated the week. These workouts allow quick, great route runners to excel, and this quartet (along with Western Kentucky's Malachi Corley) took advantage of the spotlight. McConkey could see himself in the end of the first round, while the others are all but locked in on day 2.

    It wasn't just the slot WRs who had great days, though. UCF's Javon Baker and Louisville's Jamari Thrash pushed themselves into early day 3 consideration. Brenden Rice (USC) had some great moments as well. Devontez Walker (UNC) and Xavier Legette (South Carolina) were super inconsistent but had big flashes. Both have had first round discussion (mostly from fantasy and draft twitter) but are more likely round 2 and 3 players, respectively. Both have great talent, but struggle with the basics.

    Tight Ends

    Theo Johnson  (Penn State) was the best pass catcher of the group this week, though Ben Sinnot (Kansas State) is probably the best "football player". Below is a tweet showing Johnson's receiving ability: speed off the line creating separation, a great path adjustment to a poorly thrown ball (Penix was scattershot week is shown here, though the arm is still huge!), and great hands catch away from the body.

    Jaheim Bell (FSU) is a gadgety, H-back player who needs a dynamic OC, but has great potential. Jarrett Wiley of TCU had a great week before his injury as well. For fantasy, Johnson is the most interesting name of the group and may have pushed himself into day 2 of a wide open TE class (after generation talent Brock Bowers from UGA).

    Defensive Tackles

    T'Vondre Sweat (insert tweet of him annihilating Beaux Limmer, who had a good week!) was dominant and compares to Jordan Davis, though should go later in the first like Davis should have. FSU's Braden Fiske and Ohio State's Michael Hall Jr. also had big moments. The undersized DTs showed great pass rush ability and tenacity throughout the week. Fiske especially showed insane burst (see below), he and Hall may end up as day 3 picks due to size, but almost certainly will outplay that capital.

    EDGE Rushers

    Darius Robinson (Mizzou) is one of my favorites in this class, and absolutely dominated the week. He was named the top overall player of the week and has all but cemented first round status. Check out this move against potential top-15 pick, Tyler Guyton (Oklahoma).

    Laiatu Latu may be the highest pick from the entire roster. He showed athletic fluidity and smoothness, having a solid week overall (though Oregon State OT Tailese Fuaga smoked him a few times). Projected day 2 picks Chris Braswell (Alabama, may sneak into day 1), Marshawn Kneeland (Western Michigan) and Adisa Isaac (Penn State) showed out, answering questions including physicality and competition levels. Check out Kneeland using strength and impressive hand-fighting here en route to the QB.


    JD Bertrand (Notre Dame) and Nathaniel Watson (Miss State) were voted top LBs of the week. Both are cerebral leaders and bring great intensity along with great coverage and run stuffing skills, respectively.

    Two potential top 50 LBs from North Carolina in Payton Wilson (NCSU) and Cedric Gray (UNC) also had spectacular weeks, cementing themselves as top 3 LBs on my board (check out my article on on the LB prospects, link here!). Two personal favorites also showed their athletic and coverage abilities: Trevin Wallace (Kentucky) and Jontrey Hunter (Georgia State). Below is a clip of both having a great coverage rep against RBs.


    This week was the Quinyon Mitchell (Toledo) show. He locked himself into the first round discussion and is even in top-20 range now. Earlier it was mentioned how Mitchell and Wilson were battling, here is another rep between them, which may have been the best rep by any player this week.

    Jarvis Brownlee Jr (Louisville), Cam Hart (Notre Dame), and Max Melton (Rutgers, brother of Packers' WR Bo Melton) also were standouts at the position this week. All are trending towards being day 2 picks at this time after strong weeks.

    Cam Hart is a massive corner who shut down Tez Walker on this rep...


    This position group is similar to TE and LB, with depth but little high-end talent. UGA duo Tykee Smith and Javon Bullard, Mike Mustapha (Wake Forest), and Beau Brade (Maryland) were the best players at the position over the week. All made some great plays throughout the week, below are a couple impressive PBUs!


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