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  • Top 12 Dynasty Quarterback Rankings for 2024

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    It’s time to take an early look at the top 12 dynasty Quarterbacks for next season.
    Read on to see 2024 Dynasty Rankings!

    NFL games are won or lost on the backs of QBs, fantasy football is not so different! You can get by with a solid QB or two most of the time, but having an elite option (or two) will set up your team for years to come. A set-and-forget QB is a rare commodity, but one that allows you to take upside shots at the skill positions.

    QBs are a difficult discussion for dynasty fantasy football. They are one of the positions that very most in on-field ability versus fantasy production. That is a personal struggle I have with analysis, so this was a healthy exercise for me as well. In the end, my own QB rankings did win out in some cases, preferring a dynamic talent over a great situation (which is still massively important). We also are discussing dynasty QBs, which unfortunately knocks out some great QBs who are older or in a weird spot like Matthew Stafford and Geno Smith. With that said, let’s delve into my list of the top 12 dynasty Quarterbacks for 2024 - and beyond!

    Please note that incoming rookies were not eligible for this exercise. Drake Maye and Caleb Williams would have had something to say if they were eligible!


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    12. Kyler Murray - Arizona Cardinals

    This was a tough call to make. So many other great options! Solid QBs in great spots like Brock Purdy and Tua Tagovailoa along with the enigma of Justin Fields. In the end Kyler Murray comes in as the final QB1. Murray gets the edge due to his rushing upside, career production as a whole, and only being 26. In his 8 games this season, Murray was a top 8 QB 5 times (4 of 10 in 2022). In the other games, he was never lower than QB19, which he was only once in 2022.

    The Cardinals QB gelled with Drew Petzing, which should only improve in year 2. Marvin Harrison Jr, Rome Odunze, Malik Nabers, Olu Fashanu, and Joe Alt (all top 8 players on my big board) should be in play for the Cardinals – even with a trade back – and would be a massive add for Murray.

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    11. Trevor Lawrence - Jacksonville Jaguars

    Oh, Jacksonville… what a year it was! Despite missing the playoffs and some rough box score numbers, there is no doubt that Trevor Lawrence is a franchise QB. He makes too many mistakes to truly be elite now, but he is still only 24. Similar to Justin Herbert’s 2022, Lawrence battled through injury to himself and his teammates, lowering his numbers.

    He still finished as QB13 on the season despite having 26 combined interceptions and fumbles. These came despite only slightly higher than average turnover-worthy play rates (per PFF) and suffering a multitude of high-leverage drops. Lawrence still has all the talent in the world and a solid roster around him, making him one of the top 12 dynasty Quarterbacks for the time being.

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    10. Anthony Richardson - Indianapolis Colts

    Is this a tad rich? Yes, absolutely. But do not call me a homer. For this (and all exercises) I tend to be massively pessimistic about Colts players as that is my team. However, when there is an elite talent, that cannot be ignored. Richardson saw work in only 4 games this season, and finished as QB4 twice (he left early in the other two, killing his numbers). He is an elite athlete and has absurd arm talent. He is high-risk, high reward with limited experience and multiple injuries. The sky is the limit.

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    9. Jordan Love - Green Bay Packers

    Love’s first year as a starter had bumps, but in the end he was a QB1 10 times. Love had more top 5 weekly finishes (3) than outside of the top 18 (2). Not a bad start! Love did this with the youngest receiving corps in the league and injuries in that room and along the OL. He and his receivers should grow within the next few seasons, which will only help. He will most likely see TD regression after being 2nd in the league this year, but he was top-7 in yards and added 250 yards and 4 TDs on the ground. The young gunslinger is in a great spot for today and tomorrow.

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    8. Dak Prescott - Dallas Cowboys

    2023’s QB3 is 8th in our dynasty QB rankings. Dak Prescott led the league in passing TDs and finished third in yards, playing in every game for the first time since 2017. Prescott had a slow start but was on fire after week 5. Starting in week 6 (12 games), Prescott had 7 games as a top 4 QB. The remaining 5 games only saw him outside of the top 16 QBs once. A great OL and skill group helps the probably MVP-runnerup have a great baseline for the future. He will be 31 next season, which is the main reason he falls behind the remaining names.

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    7. Joe Burrow - Cincinnati Bengals

    Burrow had a rough season due to injury. He was hobbled for the first month of the year with a calf injury and missed the last 7 games with a calf injury. He was terrible while injured, but looked like himself between weeks 5 and 10. In that 5-game stretch, he had 4 top 7 QB weeks, with another top 15 performance. Burrow was a top 7 QB in 2021 and 2022 and should be there as long as he’s healthy. Having a consistent staff and Ja’Marr Chase is massive, but the possible departures of Tee Higgins and Brian Callahan hurt. Combine these with injury concerns on top of a below-average NFL arm and he drops behind our next player... 

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    6. C.J. Stroud - Houston Texans

    Seeing a second-year QB in the top 6 is a shock, but could Stroud be even higher? He could easily be a top-5 ranking next season, but the sample is too small for now. Despite missing 2 games, Stroud finished as a QB1 on the year, with 8 top 12 weekly finishes. Stroud is an aggressive, accurate passer who was in full control of the field. He should only improve and could be on track for a Justin Herbert-esque arc (hopefully his coaching and roster don’t fall apart). His 5 interceptions will probably increase in the future, but so should his 23 touchdowns. In a superflex league, Stroud is a legit first-round player.

    He'll be on top 12 dynasty quarterbacks lists for years to come!

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    5. Justin Herbert - Los Angeles Chargers

    Now here is what will probably be the most controversial ranking on the list. Is there bias here? Yes! If you know me or my work, you know I adore Justin Herbert. Despite missing the last 4.5 games of the year, Herbert finished as QB17 this year. He had 7 top 7 performances, despite injured weapons and a brutal OL. In 2022 he finished as QB11 while battling through injury, which feels like his floor as long as he plays.

    He has shown QB2 upside, and a new staff and the potential of adding Malik Nabers, Brock Bowers, Olu Fashanu, or Joe Alt would help him massively. An elite passer with some rush floor (15 yards/game in his career) entering his prime with an upgraded offensive staff and weapons (with a still bad defense) should see him soar.

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    4. Jalen Hurts - Philadelphia Eagles

    This was a tough call to make, placing 2023’s QB2 as the 4th dynasty QB. Hurts regressed massively as a passer (really just regressed in luck and 50/50 plays). From 2022 to 2023 he went:

    • Yards/Attempt: 8.0 to 7.2
    • Passing yards/Game: 246.7 to 226.9
    • Interceptions: 6 to 15
    • Rushing yards/Game: 50.7 to 35.6

    That is some massive statistical regression. While these yards may seem closer to true than last season, his turnovers should regress to the mean, as he only had a 2.3% Turnover Worthy Play (similar to Herbert and Burrow) rate per PFF. He feels less secure than the remaining players as he is the least accomplished passer.

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    3. Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs

    He may be the best QB in the game, but he is 3rd for fantasy. The weapons are a crapshoot right now, relying on an aging Travis Kelce and rookie Rashee Rice. Before the WR room (and the running game) fell apart, Mahomes was a QB1 in 6 of 7 games. This hot-start kept him as the QB8 in his worst fantasy season as a pro.

    With the receivers and running game falling apart, Mahomes finished with 261.4 yards/game (7th in the league). He should see positive touchdown regression if the offense improves this offseason, as it should be prioritized. He does enough on the ground as well, netting almost 400 rushing yards, though no touchdowns for the first time as a starter.

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    2. Lamar Jackson - Baltimore Ravens

    The soon-to-be 2x MVP ends higher here than he will in consensus. He finished as QB4 this season (even with sitting week 18) and showed the world he is an upper-echelon passer. With a real receiver room and game-caller, Jackson set career highs in completion %, yards, interception %, and yards per attempt all while still breaking 800 rushing yards and 5 TDs. As long as Jackson can stay around 40-50 rushing yards per game he will remain a cheat code and a mainstay on top 12 dynasty quarterbacks lists like these. 

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    1. Josh Allen - Wyoming Cowboys... I mean... Buffalo Bills

    Hey, go pokes! My fellow University of Wyoming grad ends up as the top Dynasty QB this season. This is not a homer pick, however, as I have been massively critical of Josh’s work on the field. For fantasy, he was QB1 yet again, marking the 3rd time in 4 years (he was 2nd the other year). He had absurd rushing TD and turnover numbers, which should both regress slightly, canceling out. Even if he stays at 30 rushing yards per game, he is a threat to throw for 350 and 4 any week. Allen is one of the most dangerous threats in the league every single week (including to your own roster at times).

    Thank you for reading my list of the top 12 dynasty Quarterbacks for 2024! I hope you enjoyed it and took some information from it! You can find my other work on my IDP Guys Author Page, and feel free to reach out to me directly @JoeLow63 on X, where you can also find and follow @IDPGuys!


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