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  • Dynasty Fantasy Football Tight End Tier Rankings for 2024

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    For years the TE position was a one or two-man show. After the last two draft classes, that appears to have changed for the better! Even with the position strengthening, it is still a great advantage to have one (or two!) of the elite or near-elite players.

    A few weeks ago, our own Shawn Teague took a deep dive on his top 12 dynasty TEs: Top 12 Dynasty Tight End Rankings for 2024 • IDP Guys Today, I will expand upon his list and break down the TE position as a whole into 9 dynasty Tigher End tiers. These tiers will differ from Shawn’s rankings, but the goal here is to arrange players into buckets. The specific rankings are more than flexible and do not always reflect my rankings. In the early tiers, there is a break in name only. 

    Tight End has been the “haves” versus the “have nots” for the better part of a decade, but that has largely changed. It is still vital to be a “have”, maybe more so now that that group has expanded. Patience is important with this position, but it is not worth holding multiple talents instead of grabbing established players. How do the TEs stack up? Let us dive into my 2024 dynasty Tight End tiers!

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    Established superstars

    1. T.J. Hockenson

    2. Travis Kelce

    Kelce has been the top TE for years. After a “down” year – still TE1 on a PPG basis – don’t bail yet. He is the redraft TE1 still, so he is still in the top tier in dynasty. Hockenson is injured but has been elite in Minnesota, whether Justin Jefferson has played or not. He’s the best non-Kelce TE in the game, and will only be 27 next year. The next tier has names that will and probably should go before Kelce. He is still a nightmare to see in your opponents' lineup.

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    The young guys are here

    3. Sam LaPorta

    4. Kyle Pitts

    5. Dalton Kincaid

    6. Trey McBride

    In most lists, these may be the top 4 names (at least in the top 5). With how volatile the position is, plus some changes coming to these teams, I will drop them a tier (really it’s like a quarter tier, but still). All are most likely the 2nd option on their team (Kincaid may end up at the top). If you can get these guys, hold on to your top-6 TE for the next half-decade plus.

    Are you crazy for taking one of these guys (especially LaPorta or Kincaid) over Kelce (even Hock)? Absolutely not. In fact, you are crazier to choose Kelce. However, there is something to say about having an all-timer versus a few games of dominance.

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    Vets who are (mostly) reliable

    7. Mark Andrews

    8. David Njoku

    9. George Kittle

    10. Evan Engram

    This group is tough to gauge. Elite talents who are on second (or third) contracts. They all have questions about injury and/or consistency and are older than the previous group. Njoku, Kittle, and Engram were the top six overall in scoring this year. Andrews finished at 14, despite playing in only 10 games. These are all TE1s, but age makes them less desirable than the tier above. 

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    Rookies and second-year guys who showed out

    11. Jake Ferguson

    12. Luke Musgrave

    13. Michael Mayer

    14. Isaiah Likely

    15. Cade Otton

    This is another fun group! Young like tier 2, but less proven than tier 3. Ferguson had a spectacular year as the TE1, but was up and down, while Otten was solid with a lower floor. Musgrave and Mayer had moments and are great talents, but we need to see more before vaulting them. Isaiah Likely never finished higher than TE18 before Mark Andrews’ injury. In the last 5 games, he had 4 top-10 performances, with 3 in the top 5. This makes him one of the more fascinating players in this 2024 dynasty Tight End tiers list

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    Good TEs, probably better for real football than fantasy

    16. Cole Kmet

    17. Dallas Goedert

    18. Pat Freiermuth

    Solid TE plays here. All probably finish as TE1s in PPG but they will be steady and unspectacular. They also all have one or two WRs ahead of them in the pecking order currently. All are worthy starts each week.

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    Top 10 talent, but please show us something

    19. Greg Dulcich

    20. Chigoziem Okonkwo

    21. Juwan Johnson

    22. Darren Waller

    This is a frustrating group. Dulcich and Okonkwo are elite talents at the position but have done little in two years of play. Juwan Johnson has shown a bit more, without having that top-tier talent. Darren Waller has been a top-3 TE before, but injuries have crushed his stock. All are buy-lows, but could easily go to waivers with another poor year.

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    TE2s with potential

    23. Tucker Kraft

    24. Daniel Bellinger

    25. Dawson Knox

    Currently second on depth charts, all have shown some prowess when their starter has been injured (or before they arrived with Knox). Kraft had 4 TE1 weeks without Musgrave this year. Bellinger has 8 TE18 or better performances in 2 years. Knox was a TE1 overall in 2022 and 2021. They need some help but are worth stashing if you have a solid TE1.

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    These vets are still usable 

    26. Logan Thomas

    27. Dalton Schultz

    28. Hunter Henry

    29. Tyler Conklin

    30. Gerald Everett

    31. Noah Fant

    32. Zach Ertz

    33. Hayden Hurst

    34. Tyler Higbee

    35. Taysom Hill

    36. Donald Parham

    These are the TEs you will stream in redraft leagues. Almost all are free agents this season but should wind up as a team’s top TE. They are limited and older, but worth being your TE3 behind unestablished and/or injury-prone top TEs. 

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    The highly drafted young guys who have done nothing… yet

    37. Jeremy Ruckert

    38. Jelani Woods

    39. Darnell Washington

    40. Luke Schoonmaker

    41. Brenton Strange

    42. Hunter Long

    43. Brevin Jordan

    Here we have a group of guys with non-negligible draft capital in recent years that I liked. Will any turn into anything? Maybe one or two. But if you loved the profile on any, they are worth a dart throw. There are many other names not listed, who fit this profile. 

    That will do it for my 2024 Dynasty Tight End tiers breakdown, thank you for reading! TEs are a fickle but massively important position, so I hope you enjoyed it and took some information from it! You can find my other work on my IDP Guys Author Page, and feel free to reach out to me directly @JoeLow63 on X, where you can also find and follow @IDPGuys!


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