• Free Agency QB Winners and Losers (2024)

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    A lot of signal callers find themselves on different rosters this offseason, some teams went out and got their starters. Other squads added depth at the position as we saw what felt like a record number of starting quarterbacks go down for the year, a few contenders even solidified their QB of the future.

    In my latest piece, we’ll take a look at the winners and losers to this point, not only considering the quarterback but also the situation they’re in, and what the franchise has done to build around them. How are the fantasy football Quarterback Rankings going to adjust in dynasty rankings?

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    Pittsburgh Steelers - Russell Wilson, Justin Fields

    I feel like we have to start with the Steelers here. They went out and snagged not one but TWO starting-caliber quarterbacks. Kenny Pickett wasn’t the answer despite having talent around him, the Steelers lacked big plays through the air. Their ground-and-pound era may be coming to a close, we’re used to seeing the Steelers spread out the ball to a loaded arsenal of receivers. They have the pass catchers, and now with Russell Wilson, I think they have the guy who will air it out.

    Wilson had a pretty solid year last season, he tossed 25 touchdowns compared to eight picks, and word is he was benched because the Broncos didn’t want to pay him. Justin Fields will make this a competition and maybe they carve out a role for him, but I think he’s Pittsburgh’s long-term plan. This group of skilled players is still relatively young. Wilson probably gives them two to three seasons before Fields takes the reins. Wilson makes this group ready to win now, Fields ensures they’re a contender for years to come. 

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    Las Vegas Raiders - Gardner Minshew

    The Raiders have more talent on their roster than the majority of the league, even with the departure of Josh Jacobs, this offense should still be able to put up numbers. Minshew has his high-risk/reward moments, but he’s a gamer and had some big games for the Indianapolis Colts when Anthony Richardson went down.

    He can sling the rock, he likes to air it out, and pairing him with Davante Adams, and Jakobi Meyers should be fun to watch. Minshew is a major upgrade over Aidan O'Connell and they can’t afford to waste any more years of Davante Adams and Maxx Crosby’s careers. They need to win now, and Minshew gives this team a fighting chance.

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    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Baker Mayfield

    The resurrection of Baker Mayfield was one of the best stories in the NFL last season. Unfortunately, someone had to win the NFC South, and the Bucs came out on top. After the retirement of Tom Brady, there were still playmakers left from that Super Bowl team. The Bucs decided to not blow everything up and turned the keys over to Baker Mayfield. It felt like a Last Chance U situation for him, after the Cleveland Browns moved on from yet another former first-round QB.

    Mayfield's fiery personality and leave-it-all-on-the-field play style was just the jolt this franchise needed, he had his second-best QBR rating ever at 94.6, and he threw a career-high 28 touchdowns and cut down dramatically on his turnovers. The Bucs are in a position to continue to add more talent around him, and the biggest domino to fall was making sure Mike Evans stayed out. 

    Chicago Bears - Caleb Williams

    I still believe in Justin Fields and think he should’ve been awarded more time, I also feel Caleb Williams is truly a generational talent. A term that is thrown around way too loosely nowadays, however, Williams is really like that. The Bears saw an opportunity they couldn’t pass up, they readily moved on from Fields and gave him away for a sandwich. Now they’re in a position to draft the new face of their franchise, and “whomever it is” officially, will have quite a receiving duo in DJ Moore, and Keenan Allen, plus tight end Cole Kmet is the perfect safety blanket. 

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    Seattle Seahawks - Sam Howell

    I’m still a believer in Sam Howell, he’s fearless, a major competitor, and overall a gamer. Howell wasn't given much time to hone his craft in Washington, only one year as the starter. I’m the first to admit that 21 interceptions are absurd, and I get why they moved on. Howell is in a better situation now though to have a successful NFL career. He will have an opportunity to sit behind Geno Smith and learn from a true professional, learn this system, and grow as a player.

    This Seahawks team is loaded with offensive talent and should still be when Howell takes over, if Howell can reach his full trajectory, he’s the guy. The picks overshadowed his 21 touchdowns, but we’ve seen enough to know the pure arm talent is there, the decision-making and awareness has to dramatically improve. Shoutout to the Seahawks though, landing their future QB with a third and fifth-round pick. 

    Washington Commanders - Jayden Daniels, or Drake Maye (JJ McCarthy?)

    The Commanders could very well be replacing one UNC QB with another, or they may go the Heisman winner route. Either way, they will have an upgrade at Quarterback next season, but if the line gives up 65 sacks again it doesn’t matter who’s at QB. They haven’t been shy about spending money this free agency period, whoever the guy is will have a solid core around them at the skill positions, and a tough defense.

    Washington has been looking for “the guy” since moving on from RG3 and Kirk Cousins more recently. Another plus is that Marcus Mariota joined the quarterback room, a seasoned vet who’s played in a lot of games, and been in a lot of different scenarios. He could help make Maye or Daniels's transition into the league a lot smoother, they wouldn’t necessarily have to be thrust into the action immediately, the worst thing you can do is overwhelm a rookie QB and kill their confidence. 

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    Atlanta Falcons - Kirk Cousins

    Shout out to Kirk Cousins who continues to secure the bag, he did some great things in Minnesota, but the Vikings weren’t willing to commit long-term, even with the chemistry already established with Cousins, Justin Jefferson, and Jordan Addison. Now Cousins joins another talented group of youngsters, Drake London and Darnell Mooney should have career years. Cousins is a signal caller who has made a career of giving his guys a chance to make plays. The Falcons could be one of the highest-scoring teams in the league, also look for Kyle Pitts to break out, Cousins will feed him as he did TJ Hockenson in Minnesota. 


    Denver Broncos

    The Denver Broncos are in full rebuild mode, it felt like this team was one of the most intriguing last offseason. Sean Payton and Russell Wilson were destined to resurrect the proud Denver Broncos franchise but it couldn’t have gone much worse. And after signing that mega contract, Wilson is out after two seasons. If the Broncos can move up from the 12th pick and scoop one of the top 4 QBs in this draft, maybe they won’t make this list next time around. There are still enough weapons on this offense to make some noise despite losing Jerry Jeudy, so we’ll see if Denver can make some magic. 

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    Minnesota Vikings

    I’m surprised they let Cousins walk just because of where the team is at this stage, they went from potential Super Bowl contender to unknown because of one injury, that may have resulted in the contract dispute. The Vikings do have two first-round draft picks at 11 and 23, maybe they can package those picks to move up and take a QB in the top 10.

    The offense is way too stacked to waste a season on a learning curve, or maybe Jefferson doesn’t stay long-term. The Vikings have to get it right in this draft or make a trade we don’t see coming, whatever it takes to lock up their next signal-caller because Sam Darnold is probably not the answer. 

    Los Angeles Chargers

    This has nothing to do with Justin Herbert and everything to do with what’s happening around him. The Chargers let Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Austin Ekeler walk, on top of that Jim Harbaugh and this new regime are notoriously committed to the ground and pound. This doesn’t bode well for one of the most talented arms in the league, it would be a shame if Herbert’s development is stalled, but we just saw with JJ McCarthy, that airing the ball out consistently isn't Harbaugh’s thing.

    I will say Harbaugh has done a nice job of playing into his QB’s strengths in the past, and Herbert could be the best QB he’s ever coached if put in a position to succeed. The AFC West could be the toughest division in football next season. 

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    Jacksonville Jaguars

    It was an up-and-down year for Trevor Lawrence, he was sacked 35 times, we have to admit though at times Lawrence was determined to make home run plays, even when they weren’t there and it resulted in 14 interceptions. The Jags ask a lot out of Lawrence, but they have to make sure he’s got enough help, and letting Calvin Ridley their wide receiver walk was not a move in that direction.

    Ridley balled out after some time away from football and had built an immediate rapport with Lawrence. He was rewarded with a huge payday, and no offense to Gabe Davis but that signing isn’t moving the needle for me. Lawrence looked like he was getting ready to take that next step into a borderline elite territory, now some of the younger signal callers under him may be more desirable options.

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    There are still several teams in the hunt for their franchise QB and when the dust settles, there will be some movement on this list, and more winners and losers will be revealed.

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