• Rookie IDP Safety S Prospects (2024)

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    IDP Safety Prospects are a tough group to gauge and their position and value are difficult pre-draft. So who are some of the top IDP safety prospects to watch in 2024?

    Ranking rookie safeties is a fool's errand, plain and simple. These rankings are how I value them based on film grades and projected roles. The role is more important to IDP value though, so the draft will tell all. Our recent Dynasty IDP Safety ranks are found here. The role is the most important thing to a safety's IDP value, so let's start with the most valuable box IDP Dynasty Safety prospects in the 2024 class.


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    Ideal Primarily Box Safety

    Jaden HicksWashington State
    Tyler NubinMinnesota

    The first tier to hit on is the box safeties, who are the ones tied to tackle heavy IDP scoring and typically the top-scoring guys managers seek. We will touch on some of the deep safeties later for leagues where it makes sense to go for the interception and touchdown upside. These two are my clear favorites in this class and read on for why.

    Jaden Hicks is my top IDP safety, though, for the NFL itself, I expect him to go after Tyler Nubin and maybe a FS, too. Hicks is the one who is a near lock to play a big nickel or primary box role though. He's the best blitzing safety in the class. He also is quick to read the play and make stops behind the line of scrimmage. He's got all the makings of a future top-12 safety in dynasty IDP rankings.

    Tyler Nubin is similar to Hicks, though he's more well-rounded. The issue with being a better overall safety is he can be an interchangeable player who might be more 50/50 box and deep, while Hicks is closer to 60% or more. Ideally, he goes to a team that lets him play in the box and doesn't have another interchangeable guy who can disguise coverages. He's at least a future top-24 guy, hopefully top-12.

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